Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh man...I'm laughing...

So, I was over at a fellow NW Louisiana Globber's place (My Bossier)...

I'll just copy and paste what he told me to do.  Do it just like he said.  It took me about 5 times trying to get through...I sure hope this ain't one of them "pay per second call" deals like when you get your fortune told by Madame Leslie Uggams, or something...

Call the Nestle Hot line at 1-800-295-0051.
When asked if you want to continue in English or Spanish, wait quietly for about 10 seconds and you will smile.
Keep going and press 4.
Then press 7.
If you comment on this, don't give away the surprise.


  1. Is that funny or what. I stole it off my Daughter's Facebook, nice of her to give us material.

  2. Jim, thank God you had a daughter. She sure brightened up my afternoon. Pam almost double-kneed when she finally got through. (I'm assuming our high traffic blogs have clogged the lines.)

    You. Da. Funny. Dispener. Of. Da. Day! Give yourself a pat on the back, and rest well knowing that many frowns have been turned upside down.

    And, treat those cooties...

  3. Well, it wouldn't let me get to 7 after I did the 4. I'm hopin' you tell us what this was all about.

  4. Enwhay ouyay esspray evensay Iway otgay away annonballcay
    oundsay. Isthay uresay isway anway interestingway aceplay otay
    ogay. Omeonesay atway Estlenay adhay away ensesay ofway umorhay
    . Iway illway ewardray emthay ithway ymay usinessbay.
    Esidesbay, Iway eallyray islikeday ethay anguagelay oicechay
    eway avehay otay akemay anymoreway. Atswhay ongwray ithway
    Englishway asway away efaultday, andway enthay omesay otherway
    anguagelay ifway ouyay on'tday eakspay Englishway!

  5. Walt kinda lost me on the Pig Latin deal, but I think he's on to something.

    Buck, I have discovered that it's hard to get through...lines probably clogged...and if you make even one sound it cuts you off.

    But it was funny. It was about me, it was funny.

  6. Cooties??????? I thought that was eliminated with the cure for libtardism...oh...ha...never mind.


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