Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The 201-Ocensus???

Hey y'all! I finally got my first "notification" from the US Census Bureau in the mail this afternoon. It came in the form of a letter from the US Census Bureau that I'm gonna be getting a form pretty soon to fill out, and that it's REALLY IMPORTANT THAT I DO THIS FOR A BUNCH OF REASONS.

Now, I knew that Mr. Postman was gonna be bringing me a Census form pretty soon.  But, I had no idea that Mr. Censusman, Robert M. Groves, would spend about a bazillion dollars telling me ahead of time that it was coming.  I mean...the FACT that it's 2010, and time to count heads only is drilled into my brain at least 14 times a day on news reports, ads on TV, radio, etc.  I actually had a dream last night, where the Census Taker showed up at my door, but I won't waste y'all's time trying to interpret it.

 Now, you will note that I did not blank out my address on this scanned letter from Robert M. Groves.  Heck, everybody that loves me knows where I am...and those that hate me do, too!  As Mr. Paul Harvey always said, "You can run, but you can't hide!"

So, here is a scanned copy of my Ocensus heads-up letter from Mr. Robert M. Groves.

I am not sure if it is clear, but the letter states that it is important that I participate in the 2010census.  And, Mr. Censusman, Robert M. Groves, figured that he'd better tell me in Spanish, Chink (and a few other languages that I have zero idea what they are), that I REALLY OUGHT TO FILL OUT THE FORM!

Seriously, I have been hanging on to a video for a while, just waiting for this blessed moment.

I do not want to be lumped in with the "black helicopter" crowd (been there, done that, got several T-shirts). But, as a thinking person, I honestly do ponder the "What, Where, Why, When, and HOW" we got to the place we are at.  (The first one that scolds me for ending a sentence with a preposition will incur my wrath until the end of time.  Just sayin'...)

So, should I just list the number of people living at Andy's Place, leave the rest of the questions blank, and mail it back? Or, should I tell 'em that I'm a whitey cracker?

Or...my good buddy Patrick Conlon posted something the other day that I thought was a good idea. When filling out the "race" question, just check "other," and write in American, or Human...

I don't know.  If you feel like it, tell me what you think...


  1. If I fill it out will the gumming give me something? Looks to me like it's sort of like Mardi Gras - "throw me something mister!". What's that constitution thing that fella's talking about anyway?

  2. I'll fill it out like a good troop, because it's in my nature to be law-abiding and social conforming, but I sure wish they'd pay me the difference in educational funding since I choose to home-school my children.

  3. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be answering all the questions. Just what I'm legally required to answer.

    BTW, I'm going with Human

  4. Jim, that "constitution thing" is something I vaguely remember...it was ONCE adhered to. To beat a dead horse...we're screwed!

    Cullen, you're screwed! We did the home-school thing for many years. Don't matter! You pay tax!!!

    CL, you're screwed. But, I think I'll check the "other" box, and write in HUMAN, just to show solidarity with you.

  5. I like the idea of writing in AMERICAN. I got my letter today, too. It tells me to fill out the form to "get my fair share." Twice.

  6. I just got mine and I had the same thoughts about the bottom portion. Nice:)

  7. I got that stupid letter in the mail today, too. As if all the commercials, news, etc. weren't enough to give me a clue. I wonder how much it cost to mail those letters to every household.

    I'll fill it out, but only the mandatory parts.

  8. ... many other programs you and your neighbors need.

    Sez who? Like what? How about things I DON'T need... or want... that are shoved down my throat?

    I didn't check my mail today so I dunno if I got a letter or not. I don't much care, either.

    And at least you're not ending your sentence with parole. That's a good thing, yanno?

  9. Thanks for the input, guys! And, thanks for grammar forgiveness...

    Yeah, I think I'm going with just enumeration, and "human." We'll see what happens after that.

  10. Check out this blogger's solution to the census. I think I'm going that route.

  11. I got the letter a couple of days ago. Whatdya think - ACORN will fill out multiple letters for a single address?

  12. I've been filling in American for many years on census and other forms.

  13. Red: Thanks for the link. That was funny! If I get the "long version," I might do that myself.

    Staci, Bwahahahahahahahaha! I can't add anything to that one.

    Walt: I think you've convinced me to fill in "American," instead of "human." That really does make more sense, if you are trying to send a message.

  14. I was wrong to suggest answering "human." Apparently that will be considered a spoilt form and thrown out. Answer "American."


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