Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I don't know why I couldn't stop laughing at this...

I was over at Staci's blog, and you need to go over there if you have not.  Follow the link to the story from Oklahoma City.

I'm still chuckling!  Seriously!  And this was my comment word verification:


  1. I thought it was a bit funny, but it didn't crack me up (no pun intended)
    the dude is really gone...... I wonder if our crazy world only seems crazy because of the media reporting every bit of craziness.... whereas 100 yrs ago you wouldn't hear about every loony in ok. or calif or iran........
    but it does make it interesting........... my theory is there are only about 5-10 % crazy --- the rest of us kind of hold the middle together. ok, maybe 25% crazy

  2. fshafer: As I said, I really don't know why I couldn't stop laughing. Something about the story just tickled me.

    But, considering the election of 2008, I'm afraid that we may be about 52% crazy here in the US.


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