Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Humpday Hottie...Photo Spread...

From Walt.

Bow Wow Wowwwwza!


  1. Is this legal? I still see nipples.

  2. I just love weimeraners. I'm not sure I can spell their name correct but I love dachsunds too. MUD

  3. After last week, I was afraid to look. This is much better!

  4. I'm with Jim. This is the first hottie that hasn't seared my eyelids. :)

  5. It's entirely possible that I don't fully grasp the concept of 'Hump Day Hottie,' is there something I'm missing?

  6. Wow... five comments and NO one said "What a dog!" You have a classy commentariat, Andy.

  7. CL: This is a very family friendly blog. Our "Hotties" around here can show some "nip," as Sully noted.

    Why am I not surprised that Sully mentioned that???

    You obviously aren't as cosmopolitan with your hotties as we are.

    Buck, it seems that commentor #6 did.

    And commentor #7.

    MUD: My jury has always been "out" on dachunds. (Okay...I spelled it wrong) I mean, they are one of God's creatures, and I know a lot of folks that own them. But there was this one named "Patches" that belonged to a high school girlfriend of mine...VERY LONG STORY!

    Staci, and Jim: I will try to do more better next Wednesday.

  8. MMMmmmmmmmm.

    Cuz cats are gay.

    Had to link this post. I didn't WANT to, I HAD to.


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