Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Earth Hour Moves West!

Oooohhhhh! I'm even more excited now!

The Earth Hour has now moved into the Central Time Zone (CTZ).

I got a little distracted while takin' pictures of Andy's Place, and how we're doing our part as good citizens of The Earth Hour, so I was only able to snag a couple of shots from the Central Time Zone.

St. Louis, Missouri - 8:29 pm CDT, or CTZ...or whatever.

St.Louis, Missouri - 8:31 pm CDT

Ain't that just beautiful?  I mean, it's almost like how it was WAY back when the Earth was really good, and the Indians all lived there and died when they were about 30 if they were lucky enough to live that old.  Lovely, I tell ya'!

New Orleans, Louisiana - 8:29 pm CDT

New Orleans, Louisiana - 8:31 pm CTZ

I'm thinkin' that somebody forgot to tell New Orleans that this is The Earth Hour night!!!  Oh well, ACORN is shutting down, and I reckon they were busy shredding documents and junk...

Man, this just gets more exciting as each planet saving hour passes!  I'm thinkin' we might have a chance to really make a dent in climate change and junk.  Obviously, not everyone is "on board" with our valiant effort.  (We're lookin' at YOU, New Orleans), but I feel sure that our Western brethren will pick up the slack.

We're gonna' save The Earth yet!  I can just feel it!!!!!

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  1. I believed you up until I saw Nawlins. Everyone knows that they do not have the lights back on since Hurricane Katrina missed NOLA entirely and those levees failed.


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