Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Afternoon Junk. Sigh...

Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I don't know about y'all, but it seems like this week has been about two months long!  And ya' know what else?  I'm pretty sure I'm in the early stages of Alzheimer's.

This morning, I had to do my normal routine...get cleaned up, go drop off my shipments at the Post Office, and drop off the 20-year-old young man that lives here with us (not one of our sons) to catch the bus out to our local Community College.  I do this EVERY weekday morning.

So, I step out of the shower, get all dried off, dressed, and out the door we go.  I am almost to the post office when I look up into the rear-view mirror, and realize that I did not comb my hair after drying it off.  I swear, I looked like I was sitting in the outhouse when lightning struck!  Jeepers!

Me:   "Nick, why didn't you tell me my hair looked like crap?"

Nick:  "Well, I didn't want to hurt your feelings.  I thought you might be going with a new style, or something."

Me:  "You MORON!  I don't do NEW!  The next time I look like crap, please tell me."

Nick:  "Well, that's pretty often."

Me:  "Shut up!"

Nick:  "See, I knew I'd hurt your feelings..."

Me:  "Shut up!"

Nick:  (long, long pause)  "Do you just mean when your hair looks like crap, or the rest of you?"

Me:  (right eye twitching now)  "SHUT! UP!"


I think he got the message...

So, here I go into the Post Office looking like a retard, and the clerk lady (who I love, btw, and has gotten to be a friend of mine) says (trying to remain composed through her giggles), "Rough night, huh Andy?"

I suck...But at least I did remember to put on my pants.


I remain in a perpetual state of "abundance!"  I have an "abundance of lack" these days when it comes to being interesting.  So, here's some junk I snagged from others.  I stole this video off of Classicaliberal.

I've got 7 letters of advice for this joker...  R.U.B.B.E.R.S!


Ya' know, I have been maintaining this blog for 50 years now, and I FINALLY got around to figuring out how to put "Labels" on blog posts so that I can find them if I want to. Seriously. I mean, I usually don't care to go back and dig up stinky garbage, but since I am truly Saharan when it comes to "interesting," I've been going back and enjoying the former days...the "good times," if you will.  Now I wish that I had tagged all of these sub-par posts so I could at least exhibit an organized failure.

So, I have decided to go back through ALL whatevernumber of post, and label each, and every one.  I will probably do that this weekend.  Maybe.  Probably not.


So, what else did I steal today???  Oh yeah...  I stole this off of Dapper Dan at The Cumberland Post.


So, while I'm giving out freebies of junk I've stolen, I'm gonna show my ignorance. Again. One of y'all please tell me how y'all put links in your comments!  Please!  I do not know how to, but I think it's pretty cool.  I mean, I drop links into comments all the time...I just copy the URL, and paste it into a comment.

But, a bunch of y'all turn text into a link...and I think that's WAY cool.  I just do not know how it's done.  So, please either drop the magic key to doing that in the comments, or send me a computer letter at is something else I ripped off today.  I think I got it off Theo Spark.  I think he called it "How Fairy Tales End."  I'm sure a bunch of you gals can identify...


My good blogging Buddy, Patrick Conlon (who Mrs. Andy has a secret/not so secret crush on), posted something that gave me a bit of reason to ponder how I should answer this upcoming 2010 Census form.  Go read it, and chew on it.  I mean, I do always want to obey the law...


And finally (should I say "mercifully?"), let me wrap this up by noting that three of the roughly two dozen blogs that I read regularly have thrown in the towel just this week. And, I feel bad for them.  Their final posts went something like this (paraphrasing, of course):

"Why write this crap if nobody reads it?...The internet is a slut!...Y'all elitists out there that just copy other people's junk and pass it through aren't "bloggers" at're just a bunch of Thieves and Whores!...A site with 42 posts a day, and NONE of it original should not be even considered a "blog," much less the linkmaster being considered a Blogfather  (I think I know which blog was being referred to, but I won't say)...yada yada yada..."

I think that we can blame this frustration on both the motivation of the globber, and The Gooble itself.  As you all know, The Gooble is WRONG!  The Gooble has made it very easy to read blogs without ever visiting them.  Heck, because of my The Gooble Reader, I can scan many hundreds of posts without actually ever visiting somebody's little corner of the net.   If I see something that interests me, I might actually visit the blog, and perhaps even leave a comment.  Which, I am sure just thrills the blogger to no end...nyuk!  

I'm starting to see a pattern emerge here.  I'm wondering if something like The Facebook gives users more instant gratification. If you have 240 The Facebook "friends," and you decide to "say something," every one of those 240 "friends" will see it (if they all check their The Facebook page...which I do not, but many do).

That could be much more rewarding to someone that is blogging for the purpose of "being heard."  Personally, I just write my foolishness, and pass along the work of others as an outlet...and sometimes as a public service if I've come across some knowledge that may randomly be of help to others.  (Kinda like my psoriasis updates...which I will have another one pretty soon, once I go get some "AA" batteries for my computer camera...aren't y'all excited???)  And, of course, to continue to remind everyone of The Wrongness of The Gooble.

 But mostly, I blog for the relationships.  My goodness...what a wonderful, decent, funny, diverse group of folks that globbing has introduced me to!  And, that is each and every one of you.  Oh heck, I knew several of y'all before I opened up Andy's Place (and you know who you are).  But, most all of y'all are new-found friends.  (Well, we could get into a LOOOOOONG discussion about what a "friend" is...but let me just leave it right there.  For now.)

 And, I thank God for each and every one of you.  I mean it.

Hey, y'all have a great Friday evening, okay?  Rest up!  Unlax!  Whatever...!  WAIT!  Heck, I almost forgot about this...(please refer to my personal suspicions about myself)...

Since it has become obvious that Andy's Place is the "go to" joint on the net for dog-loving/appreciating visitors, I've been getting a bunch of good dog junk from y'all.  And, it is GREATLY appreciated.  Buck sent me this video this morning.  After I posted the video of Carolyn Scott and Rookie a few days back, he obviously filed that away in his cranium, and seeing this one, thought of little ol' Andy...  Thanks Buck!

I hope y'all get as big a kick out of this as I did.  This here is "Gin."  In the video, they keep calling the canine a "him," but I'm pretty sure that Gin is a "her."  I wrote back to Buck, and wondered whether they had named one of her litter-mates "Vermouth."  Hahahahahahahahaha!  I just kill me...


  1. I'm having kind of a blah week too, with the exception of my grandson calling from boot camp yesterday. He's doing good.
    So far as blogging, the politicians, as far as I can tell, have been behaving pretty well this week.
    I wish Barbara Norton would slap Cedric Glover or something, that could get something started . . .

  2. Jim, as you know, Paul Mitchell's son is there at Great Lakes with your grandson...we gotta' get y'all together to compare notes.

    And, I would pay money to see Barbara Norton slap Cedric Glover. REAL MONEY. When you think about it, it is not all that unlikely.

    Jeepers...can you imagine how that would boost business at Barnhills'?

  3. Keep your chin up, Andy! Good news is tomorrow is Saturday. Oh, and thanks for the linky love!

  4. You couldn't pay me enough money to repeat a stint at Great Mistakes. Brrr! Even the summers are cold! BTW, I'm back. I'm such a fraud I know but the blogosphere sucked me back in. I think everyone I know has a severe case of burn out. I wasthisclose to shutting down Corndog for good. BTW, I'm posting your shirt on Corndog. That's too funny.

  5. CL: Oh, I know my friend...I know...Sattidy be almost here...

    Red: Yes, I am actually logged on to your recently shut down blog right this moment. I'd be reading it, if you hadn't bugged me with a comment! Nyuk...

    Good on ya', Red! It comes and goes, huh...

  6. Andy, never quit. You know I read it 3452 times a day.

    The conversation on the way to the post office.... heh heh haaaaaa!

  7. Sent ya an e-mail about posting links as text.

    And thanks for the link. You're right... I DID file the "Rookie" bit away for future reference. Which, of course, is indicative that Alzheimer's remains at bay. For the moment, anyhoo.


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