Monday, March 8, 2010

"HOPE" revisited...Dan The Goober steps in it...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

If y'all can't tell, I am just about as boring as one man can get.  I honestly do have a bunch of stuff I'd like to tell y'all about, but everybody else tells it more better.  And, I really do like pictures of dogs.  I love dogs.

When I was a kid, we had a Basset Hound named "Elvis."  I loved him.  He got run over in the middle of Old Minden Road when I was a kid...but he didn't die.  Nope!  Broke his jaw, and his pelvis.  Daddy mashed up dog food, mixed with buttermilk every morning and evening, and spoon fed that hound back to health.  (My Daddy is a good man!)

It was funny.  Poor old Elvis had to wear a harness deal around his snout to keep his jaw in place so it could heal.  Man...our worthless Tomcat, Hobo, would sit right outside the doghouse, and switch his tail at him, and Elvis couldn't do nothing about it!  That poor canine would try his best to bark, and chase that worthless feline...but he couldn't.  His pelvis was broken, and his snout was strapped shut.

Cats suck.

My Papaw (who I'm gonna tell y'all more about maybe tomorrow) had an old Catahoula Cur named "Ace."  I loved him.  He had one blue eye, and one white one.  Really!  I don't remember when he died, but I'm pretty sure it was from natural causes.

The Mrs. and me had a Lhasa Apso named "Muffin" that I loved, kinda.  But honestly, I was glad when the retarded thing got smashed in the middle of Douglas Drive.  Every time I think about how stupid my Sadie is, I'm reminded that it could be worse, but I digress.  And, y'all ALL know my undying love and affection for the finest, most intelligent animal that ever faithful black lab, Midnight.

Man, I loved that gal!!!

I guess the big news around the blogosphere this afternoon is that Dan Rather (I was surprised that he was still vertical) stepped in a pile of dookie about 4 foot deep, and 17 feet wide, when he said that (Obama) "...couldn't sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic."  You can look at a story about it right here if you want to.

Now, I'm gonna give ol' Alzheimer Dan some grace on this one.  Being the liberal snotrag he is, I don't expect any better.  Plus, he's a native Texan...and I think he probably reaches WAY BACK into his raising for pithy phrases while trying to sound like he still has any mental faculties remaining.  I've heard that same  phrase myself, as a NW Louisiana boy (we're kinda more like East Texans than Louisianians in a lots of ways).

Obviously, Rather did not realize that his dementia had kicked in to 5th gear.  You just do not reference a negro, and "watermelon" in the same sentence without becoming an object of great concern, and scorn.

It's kinda like the time that we posted this photo right here back in March of 2009...

(click on it to look at it better)
Now, there was a long story behind "WHY" this image got ink here at Andy's Place.

funny animated gif

It all had to do with the Arkansas Melon Producers Association, and their capitalistic attempt to cash in on ObozO's new Presidency.

Hope, Arkansas (about 100 miles from Andy's Place, and birthplace of Bubba & Huck, btw) is know for raising huge melons.  In fact, it's the watermelon capitol of the world.  If y'all haven't been hanging around Andy's Place for very long, you will likely not remember the "very concerned" computer letter I received from The Hope Watermelon Festival after posting that image.

You can look at it right here!

Oh man!  I never could have imagined the cascade of computer letters from upset people that this puny little blogger would have to field from folks with no sense of humor.  At all.  Period.  Jeepers!!!  It's a black guy!  On a watermelon!  It's an old stereotype.  It's like the Brits having bad teeth, the French wetting their underwear, the Japs not knowing how to use a toilet, and the Chinks being "docile, and controllable."  (Well, there might be something to that last one.  I mean...a billion and a quarter of 'em, and they don't throw the Commies out?)


So, I'm giving Dan The Goober some grace on this one.  I've stepped in it myself from time to time.  And I am just in the early stages of what Dan is obviously in the grip of...


  1. You're a better man than I. I don't cut Rather NO slack. None. He defines "asshat."

  2. I don't comment often...but you DO continue to crack me the hell up!
    I luv ya man!


  3. A watermelon joke without a fried chicken joke is not racist. Combined, that would be racist.
    (What do you get when you order a 'Hilary Clinton' at KFC? Two breasts and a left wing.)

  4. obviously are not in the "early stages" of it like I am.

    JW...always glad to have you around. Thanks. I mean it.

    Jim...bwahahahahahaha! Oh man, now that's some white meat I don't think I'd chomp on. Just sayin'...

  5. Rather is an obsolete boob. The upside is that he showed his ass on Mathew's worthless show.

    I had a friend with a Lhasa Apso years ago. I hated that mutt.

  6. Nothing stupid that Rather says is surprising; now, if he makes an intelligent observation, and manages to stay intelligent-sounding when he gets around to expressing it...THAT'S a surprise (and rarer than hen's teeth).

  7. "we're kinda more like East Texans than Louisianians in a lots of ways"

    you're also kinda more like stinkin' Arkansans that Louisianians in lots of ways. Just sayin! ;)


  8. DeAnna, Bwahahahahahahaha! Good to hear from you, kiddo!

    You gots you a good memory! I am seriously laughing out loud...


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