Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Morning in America!

Monday morning. A REAL Monday morning.  When Bart Stupak and his gang folded like a cheap stroller yesterday afternoon, the handwriting truly was on the wall.  It would be easy to be depressed this morning.  After all, the America that I grew up in, and mostly raised my family in, is forever gone.

I have read many pieces this morning hailing the Health Care Deform bill as a relief to the consumer, the uninsured, etc.  Oh man...just wait.  I have also read many on the right that some might say are "dispirited."  But, I don't read them as being dispirited.  A sort of sad resolve might describe their mood better.  They know that the march to destroy liberty has been a long, slow one.  And, they know now that a huge chunk of our liberty has been stolen in a single moment.  They also know that the pace of the liberty grab is likely to quicken now.

So, with sadness, they have resolved to do what they must.  Certainly, there will be court challenges to this new law.  Certainly, State Attorney Generals have vowed to fight it.  I am no legal scholar, but I suspect that they will lose.  Then, of course, we have the 2010 Congressional elections that could possibly evict the Democrats from their seats of power.  But, does any sane person really believe that there will be sufficient numbers to override a Presidential veto of a repeal?

This will not be repealed.  What's next?  Amnesty for illegal aliens will be passed.  Even though unpopular in the nation, solid proof has been provided here that Congress does not care about that.  Those that are "in peril" already will have no reason to challenge Queen Nancy, or BozObama.  In fact, without their help, re-election for these fence sitters will likely be impossible.  Millions of new Democrat voters will flood voter rolls.

Small businesses will begin to close.  I know three small businesses that employ about 50 people that are making plans to shut down over the next few years.  I will lose many customers, as several of them are just barely hanging on now, and the mandate to provide insurance for their employees will be the last straw.  "Not gonna work this hard for nothing," is what I've heard.  That will be repeated by hundreds of thousands of other small business people across the land.  The unemployment rolls will begin to swell.

The several US States, already going down for the third time financially will find it impossible to provide other legitimate services, due to these mandated strains on their budgets, and increased unemployment and welfare costs.  Taxes will increase.  The earners will throw in the towel, taking their ball home with them.

As the economy slowly deteriorates, the "have nots" will cry even louder to take from the "haves."  As welfare payments, social security, medicare, etc. become impossible to sustain, no person with any means will be safe from the mob.

I don't care so much for myself.  I'm 50, and in the big scheme of things will be dead soon.  But, my children will live with this, barring a Divine intervention.  So, with a sad resolve, we make plans to do what we must.  We place our faith in our God, and thank Him for the blessing of living in what was America.

I have never hoped so desperately that I am wrong.

Well, I gotta get to work.  Can't quit yet...  Y'all have a blessed day.


  1. It's a dark day, indeed.

    wv: phinest. Blogger has a deep, deep sense of irony. Or sumthin'.

  2. As I've said before, all those 20-something college students who elected Obama simply because he said "hope, change" and he was "black" will PAY for their vote in ways they didn't even imagine.

  3. And I'll dress in mourning.

    I do hold out some hope on the various court challenges that are moving apace even today. And in the months to come, before mid-term elections, and despite the gigantic Obama healthcare marketing campaign announced this morning, I think many of the people who voted for hopenchange will begin to see the light. After all, even Al Sharpton has announced that Obama is a socialist and that people who voted for him wanted socialism! A little off, there, Al, but caling a spade a spade is a good start.

    No overt racism intended.

  4. Let us not forget that the states may call a Constitutional Convention. This is potentially a dangerous move, but it may be the only way to amend the Constitution in a way that puts a stop to all of this and returns rights to the people and states.

  5. Buck, Staci, Moogie...Yes, we mourn. have raised an interesting point that I have not considered. would be quite dangerous. There is no telling what modern day delegates might believe to be God given rights.

    But honestly, I believe that the majority would stick with the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th...and may even put a big stamp of approval on the 10th.

    As to separation of powers...well, most people have no idea what that means. So...

    It is a dangerous idea. But considering where we are...I think I'd be willing to risk it. I'm gonna chew on that one for a while.

  6. I think Staci speaks for me as well.

    That majority of voters who put Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al. into office have brought this upon themselves. Unfortunately, the rest of us poor souls are caught up in the mess.

    The mood will probably pass, but I am currently not inclined to do a damn thing for my fellow Americans right now.

  7. Dave, I hear you. I'm still inclined to help others. But I want to pick which ones to help.

    It's a mess.


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