Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday junk...stuff I've found interesting, and I think I might have breast cancer....

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I'll be honest, I'm just aboutl a 1/4" deep well of inspiration today (and that's being generous).  I think it's probably because of the let-down of Black History Month being over.  I just don't have hardly anything worth posting today.  So, I decided to steal a bunch of junk from some of my daily reads to show y'all...just in case you missed 'em.

Oh  yeah, I think I might have breast cancer, too.  But I'll get to that in a minute...

First off, it's Monday, Monday!  You know, you just "can't trust that day."  Sure enough, our glorious weekend went south on us, and it's just raining dogs and cats, cold, and miserable around here.  Dangit!

Walt sent me this "FACT" deal.  I thought I had lost it, because I'm just now learning about how to use my new The G(ooble)-mail address.  But I didn't lose it after all, so I thought I'd bless y'all with it.

I know what W T F means, and I don't usually use those terms around here, but it was funny, and I thought some of y'all might get a giggle from it.  I sure hope it's not a "FACT" this week.

If you don't read Basils' blog, you may have missed this graphic that shows the unemployment figures from The US Labor Department.  I think he got it off of TheAmericanThinker, but I can't remember right now.

Now, y'all that know me understand well that I don't have much grace for either of our two major political parties.  But, as a wise man once said, "Facts are stubborn things."  He was right.  I just report (what others have reported)...y'all decide!

My old friend from high school, CosmicConservative, has a good breakdown of what NannyP & Reid are facing as they try to ram Commie-style health care down our throats at the behest of BozObama, and their moonbat's about "Reconciliation." 

Heh!  I stole this from somebody a couple of days ago, and can't remember who!  

Epic Head Desk Pictures, Images and Photos   I really can't remember.    But, YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEEN THERE.  YOU KNOW YOU HAVE!

Now, let me get to the more serious junk.  I think I might have breast cancer.  Y'all know that men can get it.  Y'all know that John Shaft had it.  Sure enough, he did!

It has been established by The Gooble, and some idiot searcher that Andy has Moobs. 

Okay, I don't really have Moobs...much.  I think this was just quite an unflattering shot where my T-shirt got pinched down across my amazingly fabulous pecs, and the light hit it wrong while I was goofing around with Sadie for a new The Globber photo to kinda rearrange the deck chairs on this pitiful Titanic of a blog.

But, I got worried today when I saw a video posted by Theo Spark.  Now, I really hate giving away the source of much of my supposed worldwide computer savvy.  But, Theo Spark is a bottomless pit of good junk.  Let me warn y'all that some of his stuff is Not Safe For While At Work...especially if you've got gals that work right there with you.  But it ain't all unsafe, either.  I have never corresponded with Theo, but I've stolen a bunch of his junk.  I usually give him credit...if I can remember that I saw it there first.

But, since I've gotten this cool new The G(ooble)-mail account, it makes it really easy to remember junk.  It's hard to explain why...just trust me.

So, Theo posted this video about a Breast Cancer Awareness ad, and it got me worried.  I mean, I tried it out on my (highly overstated/bad light in the photo) Moobs.  And, I got NOTHING!  I mean, I haven't been to a Doctor in over 22 years.  But when I didn't get a single "honk," I got worried...

Well, that's about all I've got for today.  I hope y'all have a great what's left of Monday, Monday. (For some reason this really does seem like a double Monday)

I love all y'all!  I mean it...


  1. Ummm... "Honk if you love..." Well, you know.

    In all seriousness, that's a good ad.

  2. Buck, yeah, in all seriousness, it is.

  3. The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Fact is wonderful!!

    But I, too, hope it doesn't come to pass.

  4. Where else in the world would you find honking hooters other than Andy's Place?
    But I agree with Buck, it is a good ad.

  5. Honking hooters beats falling pecs ;-)

  6. You are hysterical! I love your writing style and feel like I could hear you as I read.

    Today I hung out at the surgical center... A friend has breast cancer and was having surgery and our best friend's 19 year old daughter had surgery to remove a mass from her breast. Same doctor for both. The 19 year old should be fine. The doctor said it looked benign and sent it off to pathology.

    Just thought I'd tell you that since you were sharing about your moobs and all.

    Oh... and I posted on my uneducated blog.

  7. Hi Coffee Bean! It's good to hear from you. Yeah, I'm hilarious alright...but looks aren't everything.

    Oh, I hope things went well for your friend. It must be frightening to go through the trauma of a diagnosis, then the surgery, etc. For what good my prayers are, those gals have 'em.

    And, I did see that you posted again on your blog. I read it, but really didn't know how to reply. Sometimes when someone raises many questions in my mind, I actually take the time to think them through...not just fire wildly.

    You need to do more of that CB. Your work is always thought-provoking.

    Again, thanks for checking in. (It's just the way the light hit 'em in that picture...I don't really have moobs. Really, I don't. Really.)


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