Thursday, March 4, 2010

Obama Twitters. Even he knows that The Gooble is WRONG!

My fellow American tweeters, The Gooble is WRONG!  Pay no attention to their search results.  Trust me.  The far-right Nazi Goobles in Congress, and in the biased right wing media have tried to paint my health care agenda as "harmful," "dangerous," and "Marxist."

Every time you search using The Gooble, you find these lies!

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Don't listen to your head, or to the racist, right wing The Gooble!  Listen to your heart.  You know deep down inside that my Health Care Plan will save millions of lives.  With your help, we can transform our broken health care system that allows hundreds of thousands of  folks to die every year, into a system that ensures that everyone will live forever, drink free bubble-up, and eat rainbow stew.  (I love Merle...he's a believer!)

So, you ask, "How can I help?" 

First of all, witness the tweeting truth of John Hawkins.  He's on Twitter, so you know he is a wise man! (I found this on Basil's blog...Basil is a supporter, and a true believer in our agenda)

See!  The quality of  The Gooble Search© has deteriorated to the point that you can't believe any right wing propaganda that they plant on your search results in their moment-by-moment, high-tech campaign to keep you enslaved to The Man!

Secondly, you can buy one of these T-shirts.  Uhhhh...I checked with my The Wrongness of The Gooble Czar™, and he's gonna' be selling 'em cheap...and pretty soon, too!

Thirdly, you need to contact your Senator, House member, and The Gooble!  Tell them how WRONG The Gooble is.  Can we foil the right wing biased media, the will of the uninformed public, and even the biased The Gooble itself? 

Thank you for your support!


  1. I'm sure this was a good post, I just couldn't read it, I was fixated on the ears. I'm gonna look at them some more.

  2. My favorite song linked at the bottom? Heaven, I'm in it!

  3. Jim, this was not a good post at all. It was LAME! I've decided to go back to extraordinary lame original material.

    Paul...I knew you'd like that. I did it just for you.

  4. The post was just fine Andy, although I admit that I came back to see the ears again.


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