Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ooooohhhhhh! I'm so excited, I might tinkle in my pants!

"The Earth Hour" is almost here!

And, I can't barely wait!  I'll tell y'all, I love the Earth!  I truly  thank God above for giving us this glorious place to live for a while.  The magnificence of it all is way past my ability to comprehend, much less describe.  And it's these efforts like "The Earth Hour" that help remind me of it.  Heck, I'm WAY glad that somebody came up with this.

I can tell you for certain that I've been enjoying the Earth today (in anticipation of The Earth Hour).  I spent about 3 hours swinging a chain saw to help The Mrs.In-law at her place.  And, then I spent about two hours swinging a weed-eater around Andy's Place.  It was just lovely.  Of course, I know that I'm screwing up the balance of the planet by using gasoline-powered junk that is gonna eventually destroy the climate and all...but those weeds are a bitch...and those trees were putting out Oxygen!

I'm especially grateful to God that my little part of the Earth is here in the Nyunited States of America!  We take real good care of what God has given us.  Well...not everyone within our shores does (I know...I have picked up about a ton of other people's crap today.  Just sayin'...).  But, for the most part we do a pretty danged good job of stewardship.  Oh, we're not as good at keeping the air, and rivers clean as the Chinks, or the Desis are.  (If you don't believe me, just go over there and look!)  Heck, I saw back during the Olympics just how Goregous China is!

  And, if you'll remember when the Iron Curtain fell back in the late '80s...well, the Soviet bloc had made a true paradise out of Eastern Europe!  So, I reckon that us Westerners have got a ways to go when it comes to REALLY being good stewards of what God has given us.  We could learn a thing or two from them Asians.

Oh heck, I know that we are eventually going to destroy our little rock in the Universe, due to sucking all the oil out of it, and mucking it up with Carbon Dioxide and all.  Us evil Westerners that use all the resources of the Earth will be to blame.  But, I many trees do we really need to provide for, huh?

Regardless, I will celebrate The Earth Hour anyhow!  (Because I love the Earth)  I'm just thrilled that mogillions of hours of effort have gone into this deal.  This is what people that LOVE the Earth really need to be focusing on.  Heck, if we can just get the other 6.9 billion humans that don't give a damn to pay attention to us .1 billion that do...well, who knows? 

We might actually get the US Government involved in this.  They might even try to do as good as China, Russia, India, Great Britain, the Frogs (heh!  the Frogs got it goin' on with nukulur...just sayin'...), the Arabs, and Aussies!  One can only hope that The Earth Hour will make a difference.  I'm sure it will.

Heck, I might even "live blog" it across the US.  But, I don't know if I'll be able to stay up until 8:30 pm in Hawaii.

That chain saw was a bitch!


  1. I wouldn't ordinarily say anything disparaging about India, but since you brought it up . . .
    Have you seen the pictures of all those people bathing in the Ganges, and some of them right out there nekkid in public? It seems that right when they get off work at the phone bank and have spent a hard day giving unintelligble answers to our questions they run down to the river to bathe with all their neighbors. Beats all I have ever seen.
    I will try to stay awake for a couple of more hours so I can send a picture of my lit up house.

  2. Jim, I had the pleasure of talking to THREE of those women day before yesterday. I finally hung up in disgust. So, no Klieg lights this year for Earth Hour. Dangit.


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