Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teh Stoopid Search of the day... (#12), and various Thursday afternoon junk...

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

I've been really busy today.  We had #4 son's I.E.P. (don't ask me what that stands for, but he's a special ed kid, and we do this once a year with his schooling)  Y'all pray for the boy.  In many ways, he's progressing.  But, in many others, he is going backwards.  It's not that every effort is not being made by all parties...maybe it's just Junior High.  I know it's a hard time for every kid...even those without his particular struggles.  Anyway...

Let us get first to Teh Stoopid Search of the day!  Now, amazingly, this stoopid searcher that landed at Andy's place hails from Southern California.  The location from which said searcher's computer connects is some minor educational institution.  Lemme see...ahhhh!  The University of Southern California.

Now, before showing y'all what I'm NOT proud of, let me begin by noting what I am.  Daily, many dozens of searchers arrive at Andy's Place looking for this image.

Yes, this is one "Iron Mike Burghardt, giving the "Single Finger Salute."  Day in, and day out, this is the most accessed post at Andy's Place.  When folks use The Gooble looking for him, they find that the #1 image is that one right there.  Sgt. Burghardt's story is right here.

I said all that to explain "why" the Sitemeter stats say what they do.  Here comes teh stoopid search.  From the list, see if you can figure out which one I'm getting at.

Pervert!  I mean, I've heard of having an Oedipus Complex deal...but that's just gross.

Well, it is USC...

Now, on to other junk.  I have been holding on to this for a few days.  PeaGreen sent me a computer letter talking about how Thomas Jefferson (yes...THAT Thomas Jefferson) wrote about "Global Warming" way back in the early 1800's.  It put me in mind of the recent writings by Retard F. Kennedy, Jr. about how the whole dang world is going to hell because it doesn't snow as much as it once did in his youth, yada yada yada...and then the dufus got buried in about 4 feet of snow.  Dufus.

This is the text of the note PeaGreen sent to me.

Note: At a Mensa dinner at the white house, Ronald Reagan opened up by stating that ‘This is the greatest gathering of brainpower in this room since Thomas Jefferson dined here, alone.’
              Thomas Jefferson Noted Global Warming
Climate change crusaders insist that the earth is warming largely due to the emission of greenhouse gases by motor vehicles and factories. 
But Thomas Jefferson wrote about global warming back in the early 19th century, before there were any emissions from cars, coal-fired power plants, and other developments of the Industrial Age. 
In a letter to Philadelphia physician and professor Nathaniel Chapman dated Dec. 11, 1809, nine months after he left the presidency, Jefferson wrote: “The change which has taken place in our climate is one of those facts which all men of years are sensible of and yet none can prove by regular evidence. They can only appeal to each other’s general observation for the fact. 
“I remember that when I was a small boy, say sixty years ago, snows were frequent and deep in every winter, to my knee very often, to my waist sometimes, and that they covered the earth long. And I remember while yet young to have heard from very old men that in their youth the winters had been still colder, with deeper and longer snows. In the year 1772, thirty-seven years ago, we had a snow two feet deep in the Champaign parts of this state, and three feet in the counties next below the mountains . . . 
“While I lived at Washington, I kept a Diary, and by recurring to that I observe that from the winter of 1802-03 to that of 1808-09 inclusive, the average fall of snow of the seven winters was only 14½ inches, and that the ground was covered but sixteen days in each winter on average of the whole. The maximum in any one winter during that period was 21 inches fall, and 34 days on the ground, the minimum was 4½ inches fall and two days on the ground . . . 
“Williams in his history of Vermont has an essay on the change in the climate of Europe, Asia and Africa.” 
It’s clear, then, that the earth was warming during Jefferson’s time. It’s also clear that the climate change could not be attributed to man’s activities.

So, if this interests you at all, I also found a blog post with some other info about Jefferson's writings on the subject.  It was interesting to me, and just more evidence that the Goracle is full of if any more evidence was needed to prove that.  Heh!  Have y'all seen the cover of The Weekly Standard?


A couple of more things.  I stole this picture from Theo Spark.  Oh man, did I laugh!!!

He titled it, Dumb, and Dumber!

Now, that's funny!

And finally...I got a tip from my friend, Paul Mitchell that The Globber has gone ballistic with a new deal to reformat your Globber template. I'm not gonna mess around with Andy's Place, because I just remodeled a while back, and I need to save up some more energy before I screw around with junk.

But, if you're thinking about doing some redecorating, or even building your own Globby place for the first time, this junk looks way cool. Here's a video about all the new stuff. And, it's ALL free. (Except, of course, you will owe your blogging soul to The Gooble, and The Globber.)

There's more info here about it all.

Well, that's about all I've got this Thursday.  Truthfully, I'm a little bit down these last couple of days.  I'm gonna write something for tomorrow about how a bunch of the bloggers I read are throwing in the towel, and maybe about some other REALLY, REALLY fascinating insights I have into it, and how WRONG The Gooble is.  Maybe...

Y'all have a good evening, okay?


  1. I just had to check in on everyone while my chicken is cooking in the oven, anticipating a nice dinner (I was hungry dammit), and just had to read your gooble searches. I'm not sure I'll ever eat again.
    On the upside, I worked for a while finding my blog template and refining it and I ain't messing with it!
    Have a great Thursday evening!

  2. Let's hope your SN4 is just going thru that "junior high" phase. I remember mine vaguely and the memories... such as they are... are NOT pleasant. It's a hard time o' life. My best thoughts are with you and Pam.

  3. Thanks Buck. I appreciate that. We have ups and downs with SN4...but as "inconvenient" as it is for us, we know it's really HARD on him.


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