Friday, March 19, 2010

When a guy wants to paint a "bullseye" on himself, what do you do?

I was over at Paul Mitchell's blog this afternoon, and he had linked to a story out of Oklahoma that I found very interesting for several reasons.

It seems that one Keith Kimmel, a student at Oklahoma City Community College (obviously a Sooner fan, though...I mean, just look at the hat) has sued the Oklahoma Tax Commission because they denied his request to be issued a "vanity" license plate that reads "IM GAY."

Keith Kimmel (he's gay)

First of all, I do not understand WHY people want a "vanity" plate of any kind.  I do understand the reasoning for "specialty plates."  I mean, if a guy qualifies for an "EX-POW" plate, or "Retired Army," or wants to show off his alma mater with an "LSU Tigers," or even an "OU Sooners" specialty plate, I can certainly see that.

But, these plates that try to spell out something are just a little too cutesy for my taste.  Oh well, to each their own...The article that was linked to sports a taped interview with this young man.  It seems that the Oklahoma Tax Commission has deemed that "IM GAY" might be offensive to "the general public."  Well, I can say that for me, it wouldn't be offensive.  Stupid maybe, but  In fact, it'd probably give me a pretty good chuckle.  I mean..."Hey look!  There's a homo driving through Okie City that paid extra money to put a bullseye on his own rear bumper."  Nyuk!

It seems that the Okie Tax Commission has approved vanity plates that read "STR8SXI" (Straight sexy), and "VIBR8R (vibrator)."  The "general public" might be offended by those, too.

Now, I understand some of the thinking of the Commission to reject this fellow's application, and it's dealt with in the article.  The license plate of a vehicle does not belong to the owner of the vehicle.  It does belong to The State.  If you don't believe it, just forget to turn it back in to them when you sell your truck, or put it out of service...and see what happens.

So, The State does have the right to determine what will, and what will not be displayed on their property.  Now "Bumper Stickers" are a whole other thing.  And we see "offensive" bumper stickers all the time, don't we?  Sure we do.  Stuff way more offensive to most than "I'm Gay," btw.

  I'm just thinking the best solution to this would be for Keith Kimmel to get him some white shoe polish, and write on the rear window (like used car dealers do to write the prices), "I'm Gay!  Cut me off in traffic!  Run me into a ditch!  Tailgate me!  Pull up beside me and scream 'get off the road, you f***in' queer!', And, while you're at it...let the air out of my tires, and key-walk my car while I'm in the WalMart!"

Should the Okie Tax Commission reject this guy's request on the grounds that it "might be offensive to the general public?"  Dunno.  It's not offensive to me if somebody wants to tell the world that they're gay.  I don't understand it...but it doesn't offend me.  Then again, I can't think of anything that offends me.

As I say, I don't know.  But I do know that they're probably doing this young man a favor.


  1. Not only that, but we're CANCELLING HIS FREAKIN' PROM TOO!!!!!!!!

    That tag would have given "tailgating" a whole 'nother meaning.

  2. He should try this one: POUNDMEINMYMUDDITCH

  3. Most states sell vanity plates as a source of extra revenue. I wonder if it really does add $$ if you have to pay people to sit around and make these judgments, and then possibly defend their decision in a court of law.
    That being said, I agree that the state probably did him a favor by denying him.

  4. I don't see it with vanity plates either.... it's a watered down tattoo...... who gives a shit? advertise somewhere else... as for gay, it is synonamous with 'loser'.

  5. Don't do vanity plates. What a waste. If I did, mine would read "ImWarped" and would cost me xtra.

    Keith Kimmel's a libtard moron. But then, he's explained right there.

  6. Every time I hear someone talk about how proud they are to be gay, I wonder why they feel the need to overcompensate. I don't feel proud to be straight; in fact I don't feel any emotion at all about being straight. It's simply what I am, and I never think about it - except in instances like this, where the comparision is forced on me.

    If this guy (and others like him) were truly comfortable with their sexuality, they wouldn't feel the need to broadcast it to anyone. Doing so would never even occur to them.

    And the words do not exist to describe the exact level of my not-surprised-ness when I saw his major. Like most lib-tards, he's a solution in search of a problem.

  7. Hey y'all, thanks for your comments. Been too busy to answer.

    I appreciate the insights.


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