Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why I love dogs...(# whatever)

I have posted this video of Carolyn Scott & Rookie before, but it always puts a big old grin on my ugly mug.  I think I could do this...but not with Sadie.  She's real sweet, but I think she's a Baptist, because she just will not dance.  Plus, she's as dumb as a rake handle...

(The action starts about 38 seconds in)


  1. "Dances with Dogs"-- going straight to dvd.

  2. That dog ain't no rookie. Come to think on it, neither is Carolyn. I googled her...

  3. Bow woofie-wow,
    Bow woofie-wow,
    arf bark bark bark...
    *tail to the beat*

    Red nailed it h'yar...


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