Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wrapping up an EGGSellent weekend!

Hey y'all!  What a fabulous weekend we've had here at Andy's Place.   I got everything done that I had planned.  The weather was just glorious...but it was kinda cloudy today (though I'm not complaining).  #3 son, and the love of his life came over for dinner.  Man...did we eat good!  Some of The Mrs.' world famous black bean burgers, french fries, cherry dump-cake, and ice cream.

I will sleep like a stone tonight for sure.

Seeing as we're finishing off our "You're a Dirty Rotten Egg" Weekend, I figured I'd better drop the rest of these egg pictures that Paul the Fireguy sent for us to look at.

I love these things.  I'm thinking I might try my hand at it.  It looks easier than Photoshop..




Wait...How did that get in there?



Well look...Y'all have a good evening, okay?  I'm gonna be pretty busy tomorrow, so I might not open the doors at Andy's Place until Tuesday.  But, be sure and stay tuned...I've got some REALLY COOL junk to show y'all.

Ooooooohhhhhh, just wait until y'all see the Humpday Hottie that Walt just sent me.


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  1. Ya want Humpday Hotties? Send me an email addy to; I send you a couple Humpday Hotties ;)


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