Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look...I just report. Y'all decide!

This is Barack, the Magic Dufus in 2006.  (on a tip of the ball cap to PeaGreen)

Now, I've got mixed thoughts about this 'un. As a Christian, I truly do struggle with a bunch of junk about wars, and loving my enemies, and all.  And, I will say without shame that I cry like a baby every time I read Jesus' "Sermon On The Mount."

Just throwing this out as food for thought  (and because I have got the brake pads replaced on the Sable, and it works real good now...just so you'll know, I got 'em replaced.  Yep.  Got 'em replaced I did!  It took me all of 30 minutes, and The Mrs. helped by helping.  And my phone now works, thanks to the AT & T fellow that showed up this morning, and sure enough it was not my problem, and he worked on it for a couple of hours, and then he got another AT & T guy to come help him, and they couldn't fix it, so they went back to the "office" and found out that the problem was over there at the "office," so my phone works now, and the really nice black lady was WRONG...again...and I won't have to pay anything extra.  What was I gonna' show y'all?  Oh yeah)... 


  1. I almost posted this way back when, but it made me so mad that I couldn't very well post what I wanted to when commenting about Barry Obama's hatred of Christians. Just like today's post that ended with a prayer, I would have spent two hours deleting the F-Bombs.

  2. Yes, Paul...I know. I have passed on this one in the past myself. For some reason, it seemed like a beautiful Sunday afternoon was the time.

    And, I understand what you mean about having to delete junk before posting.

  3. Barry's a lying moron. We know it. The sandpoundingly stupid, twatwaffle Left doesn't (insults shamelessly borrowed from Mean Ol' Meany, an imaginative insulter of all things Leftist and abjectly stupid).


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