Sunday, March 7, 2010

"YOU'RE A DIRTY ROTTEN EGG!!!" Weekend Continues...

It looks like a job for Horatio!  Or, maybe Jethro!

(Have you noticed that TV detective names are getting weirder, and weirder?)

Hey y'all!  Hugs, kisses, good Sunday morning, yada yada yada...

Man, the weather is great here...a little cloudy this morning, but the temps are glorious.  There's just a couple of things I want to show y'all this morning before I get busy.  Yep, I'm gonna be busy today.

Everything around this joint is broken!  I've got to fix a door (well, actually I've got to help my son next door fix a door).  My telephone is out, too!  Yep, the lifeline of my business has been severed.  But, the good folks at AT & T promised me on Friday morning that a technician will certainly be here by Monday at 6 pm.  They also informed me that there is nothing wrong with my service, and that the problem is surely on my side of the service box.

Of course, that is what they told me the last 3 times that my phone went out...and each of those times, it was their problem.  I wonder what it is about that?  I am a reasonably competent human.  I know how to go out to the box, plug a phone into the "test jack," and report to AT & T that it is dead at the jack.  Yet, the very nice black lady (I know she's black...because I know) feels the need to inform me that their test shows everything hunky-dory, and I'll probably have to pay.  Oh well...only four days without my phone.  Who knows how many phone orders I've missed?  At least on Fridays, and the weekend we rarely field many calls.

But, I am not cut off from civilization.  My dedicated fax line works, so I can call.  And, thank God we have cable internet service.  I had DSL for years, and it was down half the time it seems.  Cable NEVER goes out...well, it NEVER HAS at Andy's Place.

You know...Ford is really going to the dogs!  My 1997 Mercury Sable just crossed 131,000 miles (most of it "in town" btw), and the brakes need to be replaced.  Can you believe that?  I only got 131,000 miles out of those pads.  So, that will occupy some of Andy's Sunday afternoon.

Hey, traffic to the blog has been pretty dang heavy!  What happened was, Paul Mitchell got a post linked to by some pretty heavy hitters...not an Instalanche or anything, I don't think...but a pretty big shot.  On that post he had thrown me a "pity link."  So, a whopping number of visitors have been here the last couple of days.  Actually, that same post has been picked up, and found it's way to Twitter, some discussion forums, etc.

It's a good post, too.  I had shown y'all an image from it not long ago, but not the whole post.  It's a short one.  If you want to go look at it, you can.  It's not original material, so it's pretty funny.

Here's another egg picture.  I just love these egg pictures that Paul the Fireguy sent for us to enjoy...


Something else that's been really tickling me, and we've been talking about it some, is these Word Verifications in Globber comments.  Now, I dummied up one the other day that said, "yousuck," but it wasn't real.  It was pretty clever, but amateurish, as I do not know how to do Photoshop.

But these are some real ones I've picked up in the last few days...

I was commenting on a post about Obamacare over at Paul Mitchell's blog, and got this one right here...


Appropriate, huh?

Then, I was commenting "anonymously," just trying to jerk the mean ol' meany's chain a little bit.  I was actually lying by hiding my identity, and felt a twinge of conviction from the Lord...

But, when I got to the Word Verification, I felt a sense of relief...


Then just last night, I was commenting at Buckskins Rule's blog, and got this one. It's not all that funny, but I've wanted to do this a few times reading leftie blogs (which Buckskins' is not, btw). 'HO?"

And, then finally, I did this hearing test deal this morning. I was over at Cullen's place, and he had linked to it.  It was pretty interesting.  It seems that they say people over 25 can not normally hear tones at over 15 kHz.  Man, did I fail bad.  I topped out at 10 kHz.  It's interesting...go over there and try it, if you want to.

Well y'all, that's about all I've got this morning.  Oh's another egg picture...

Oh...never mind, I'll have to show it to y'all later.  The fellow from AT & T just showed up.  Imagine that...Sunday morning at 8:20.  Good on 'em!

Y'all have a blessed Sunday, okay?  I love y'all!  I mean it!


  1. Those egg pictures are too good!

  2. I'll forward 'em to you, Jim...they're all good, and I'm not gonna use most of 'em.

  3. The fellow from AT & T just showed up. Imagine that...Sunday morning at 8:20.

    I'd watch that dude like a HAWK. He obviously thinks it's Monday or sumthin'. Either that or you woke up in some sorta parallel universe this morning.

    131,000 miles on a SINGLE set of brake pads? Yowza! I had one those self-proclaimed "ultimate driving machines" made by elves and drunks in the Black Forest once upon a time and replaced the brake pads on it yearly, or worse. And was FOREVER cleaning brake dust of the damned rims, too. Full disclosure: it was a good car other than a too-healthy appetite for brake pads. I kept it for 11 or 12 years.

    Don't forget: WATCH that guy.

  4. 12KHz, and just a smidge under 35 yrs old. I'm screwed.

  5. Buck, the dude finally got the phone fixed...the trouble was a the "office." Sigh.

    Andy, I konked out at 10 mHz. I am 50 years old. My 13 year old son heard it all the way up to 21 mHz. But, he has "extremely" sensitive ears. It's common for kids with his particular type of mile autism.

    My wife (49) got up to 15. My 20 year-old son, and his lady love made it to 19.

    Yeah, Andy. We're screwed!

  6. My pet rock, Seymour, said you've got some eggcellent examples of too much eggcitement at your place, and the yoke's on someone there...don't worry, I *bonked* him with my flyswatter ;)


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