Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Morning Junk...

Hey y'all!  It's Friday...everybody's been workin' hard for the weekend!  And, it's almost upon us.

Big storms coming today to NW Louisiana, I hear.  Maybe hail & tornadoes.  Crud...

Well, The Earth Day was a smashing success globally!

Yep!  I woke up this morning, and the Earth was still here.

Let's see, where we at???

This is not going well.  The first three days, we were 3 for 3.  But since then...nuttin'!  Do you think squirrels read blogs?  Surely, their miserable little brains haven't figured out that those tasty pecans in that trap are part of an all our war against them.  Surely not...

Well, we're starting up the rolled oats mixed with plaster of paris today.  We'll see how that goes.

Let's see what else we got...  Oh yeah!  I want one of these.


And, let's wrap up this sterling, prize winning post with a little video.

Have you ever been this drunk?  Well, I certainly hope not!

Well, that's all I got! Y'all have a blessed Friday. I love y'all! I mean it...


  1. I was known to take a drink or two when I was a younger man, but I can't categorically state that I was ever that drunk (or not). I didn't wear flip-flops and my shoes generally stayed on (along with everything else).
    Funny vid!

  2. Andy, glad the earth is still here and your celebration yesterday probably saved it. IMHO. We're expecting those storms here tomorrow today. Stay safe.

  3. Have you ever been this drunk?

    I'll take The Fifth on that, if'n ya please. Or the quart... whichever's handy.

  4. Forgot to ask: how do the tree rats score points? Are they armed? Or is it sumthin' like "number of maters/peppers/melons lost?"

  5. Dan, thanks...looks like the worst of it may have passed with not much damage.

    Jim, Nyuk!

    Buck, Nyuk! And yes sir. The squirrels haven't had their "ups" yet. Their turn at bat will not commence until we begin to bear fruit. Hopefully by then, they will have to go deeeeeeep into the farm system to field a team.

  6. Hi Andy, Keep the weather over there until at least 4 o'clock on Saturday. I'm burning a house for training in the morning and that weather is headed thisaway (as it usually does) and I need to get done before it gets here! Anyway, stay dry!!
    BTW, have you thought of a slingshot and marbles for the tree rats? I got a couple of them that way when I was in my early teens. Whadda think?

  7. I don't know, man...It's clear, the sun is shining now, and a hard westerly wind is blowing.

    I'm a pretty big blowhard, but I don't think I can stave it off for you. Bt, y'all might get it done before 4 pm.

    Interesting that you mention that. We lived in one of the most beautiful spots in the world overlooking the Pine River in Bayfield, CO. I rented the house from a real rich guy who only visited his mansion in the valley a couple of times a year.

    After we moved to our own "we bought it" place, he rented it again to some other people. About a year later, he donated it to the local Volunteer FD to use as a training house. They burned that beautiful 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house (with a fabulous basement) to the ground as "practice."

    I always felt a little sad about it. It provided some of the most gorgeous views that any human could ever hope to view.

    But, the FD got some good training from it, I'm sure.

    I asked the owner later on WHY he did that. He said, "I've never really liked the fact that my renters could 'look down on me' here in the valley." He said it with an "I'm just kidding" look in his eye.

    Then he told me that the renters that came before us, and behind us were so awful that he was tired of messing with it, and he got some tax deductions...or something.

    Slingshot! Why didn't I think of that? I really do think I can get away with a BB gun (I've got two from when the boys were little).

    I don't know if it'll kill 'em. But it might put the fear of Mother Gaia in 'em...


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