Friday, April 2, 2010

He tried! But he couldn't do it!!!

The Goracle did his very best to make "Global Warming" keep Springtime from ever coming to Louisiana!  I mean, he has fought tooth and toe jam to make sure that Winter lasts forever, and that my scrawny frame freezes for 365 days per year.

Nyuk!  He lost.  Lovely Mr. Springtime finally worked his way through Al's financial maze, and got here!  I know it's hard to believe, but the forces of nature that God set in place finally overcame the girth of Gore, and his Momma Gaya. 

Funny, huh?  Even Albert JUNIOR can't hold back Jehovah, and the processes HE set in order.


The Wisteria is casting it's purple spell on the Bumble Bees.
(I think I frightened off the bees with my computer camera)

The Blue Iris is finally blooming!  We are at least three weeks late enjoying God's handiwork.

(But, God won...whipped Al Grover and his Momma Gaya good, too!)

Even Sadie is hunting for shade, and sniffin' weed...

She's a Libertarian Lab. Just sayin'...


  1. Gorgeous wisteria! Iris are among my favorites, too,

    Good ol' Sadie -- she's practicing up for summer, cooling her belly.

    My car is yellow!

  2. I just walked to the mailbox and wound up leaving my Crocs outside. Dang, dusting the house is about to get really hard to do.

  3. My grandmother had those irises, but she called them purple. I might have to talk you out of a couple of bulbs . .

  4. Moogie, and Jim: Those are "Blue Irises."

    We have some "Purple Iris" that will bloom in a few weeks. Trust me...

    Purple Iris are WAY deeper in color than these first harbingers.

    Jim, Pam doles out bulbs to everybody in the 'hood that wants them. It is a carousel of color around here, and The Mrs. loves to spread the love.

    Moogie, my black Mercury Sable was it is completely green, with pecan blooms/cottonwood seeds embedded in the paint.

    I just love me some Springtime!

    Paul...I actually bought some Crocs on your recommendation.


  5. Love your wisteria. Hope you like the crocs. Very comfy.

  6. Iris are among my favorites. Mine have yet to show any activity, as we are some several degrees further north. Soon enough. It was 70 degrees for the first time here yesterday.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter. I am glad we "met."

  7. Patrick, I didn't really buy any Crocs. I was just trying to convince Paul that I finally took his advice on something/anything.

    Cricket, thank you very much for the Easter blessing! Back at ya'! I'm glad we met, too.

  8. Great blooms. A colorful garden is one of the things I miss most from previous lives. OTOH, I don't miss all the work they required. Pluses and minuses...

    wv: lithedam. No such thing. They're ALL fat.


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