Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Junk...

Hey y'all! Hugs, kisses, yada yada yada...

What a gloriously beautiful Spring day that God has blessed NW Louisiana with!  I mean, it's just like a little piece of Heaven around here.  Warm and sunny.  A light breeze blowing all the yellow junk around...who could ask for more?

I decided to go down to the "Quarter in the slot car wash" this morning because my black Mercury was green.  I got there this morning at 7:45 am, and had to wait for about 15 minutes in line.  But, I got ol' Blackie all cleaned up real nice.  The Mrs. was proud!

Speaking of The Mrs., our 31st anniversary is just a few days away.  I have already asked her what she wants for HER anniversary.  She's being coy, and not really giving me any good ideas.  As you long-time visitors to Andy's Place know, I usually give her new skillets on special occasions (and, I ain't kidding!  She's a fabulous chef, and loves new utensils).  But sometimes I surprise her with something else.

So, I got an idea!

My #3 son lives next door to us, and his plumbing got stopped up.  So, the wonderful fellow that rents the house to him came over to once again snake out the drains (he's got a good tool to do it with).  We do this about every 4 months.  Obviously there was a design flaw in the construction of the house, because from forever the drain lines must be snaked out three or four times a year.  Anyway...the owner's lovely wife left us, and went to Ellis Pottery to buy some trees while we were on the roof.

When she got back, she had the most beautiful Japanese Maple trees in the back of their vehicle.  I'll swear, they were fantabulous!  We had one of those about 25 years ago in the back yard of a house we owned.  My goodness, the things are glorious!  I'm thinking I'll go and buy one from Ellis Pottery for an anniversary gift.  The Mrs. loves plants, and trees and junk even more than skillets.  REALLY!  She does!  So, y'all don't tell her, okay?

(And they're only $10 at Ellis Pottery)

However, for some reason, The Mrs. hasn't asked ME what I want for MY anniversary.  If she happens to quiz any one of y'all on it,  I'll take one of these!  It's for the Blogger that has everything!

Okay, here is some other stuff...

First, it seems that a couple of fellows from Mississippi have filed the first "private" lawsuit against Obamacare.  My friend Paul Mitchell provided the link.  You really need to go over there and read the synopsis of their argument.  I could not agree more.  There are some very interesting points made about actual enforcement of the "mandate" that everyone purchase health insurance.  I kinda' find it interesting that we may not have to comply, even IF it's not struck down by courts, or repealed.  It is interesting reading, and just from my lesser than average IQ, it  looks like somebody might have shot theyselves in the foot!...  It's right here.

Next, I have been reading, and re-reading a translation of the Haitian Declaration of Independence from 1804 on Duke University's website for a couple of days.  As we all know, there is much debate about whether Haiti gave itself over to Satan, or not...yada yada yada...while cutting loose from the Frogs (you'll remember Pat Robertson's statement, and my post about it.  Maybe you won't, though...but I didn't know how to use The Globber labels at the time, and can't find it right now).

I have found it to be very interesting.  If you've got plenty of time on your hands, go on over there and read it.  I'm pretty sure that a bunch of junk got lost in the translation...but there seems to be an underlying tone.  So, I just link!  Y'all decide!

Thirdly, I wish to exhibit my complete idiocy at computer photo manipulation.  I saw a "Sarah Palin Teleprompter" post today, so I decided to try my hand at it. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!  See what I just did?  ...aaaaah....I suck.

Sarah's got a message for the MSM...

And, Sarah's got a message for Hank Johnson...

So, since Andy is obviously the least creative human that owns a computer and has Cable Internet, I figured that I'd give y'all some blanks!  Come up with your 'em on your blog, or send 'em to me via computer letter, and I'll post 'em.

Palin Teleprompter Blank #1 -

Palin Teleprompter Blank #2 -

Palin Teleprompter Blank #3 -  (I didn't use this one, because I ran out of brilliance.)

And, then there is this WAY COOL .gif file I stole off of Steamboat McGoo.

I hate to brag, or put way too much credence to myself and this Titanic of a blog...but I think I've started a .gif fad on the worldwide computer.

Probably.  Maybe.  Probably not...

And finally, just to illustrate how gorgeous a day it is...when I break out the computer camera, and Sadie doesn't go hide somewhere like she thinks she's gonna' get a shot, or know that winter is behind us.

Don't she purty???

She just loves that brick half-wall on the side's nice and cool, and shaded until about June.  By the way...that bench you see below her is an actual piece of petrified wood that the builder of Andy's Place set in bricks in 1948 when he established my worldwide headquarters! 

It's even more petrified than it was back in '48.  Maybe...

Well, I'm gonna be pretty busy tomorrow, so I might not be around the don't y'all be worried about me if don't show y'all some stuff tomorrow.

We're gonna' pick up The Mrs.' Momma (The Mrs. In-Law) about Noon, and go up to Momma & Daddy's Place on Caddo Lake to celebrate Easter with the family.  It will be a lot of fun.  It always is.

I've got some other junk that I'm really ticked off about that I almost told y'all about.  But, I'm "shelving" that for this weekend.  Someone I truly love got done WRONG by a parent...and someone I truly love got done WRONG by a spouse...and someone I don't even know at all got done WRONG by a putrid POS.

But, I'm shelving all of that for now!

  I'm gonna' dwell on the magnificence of Jesus for tonight...and tomorrow.

I hope y'all all have a blessed Easter!  I love each and every one of you.

I mean it.

Love,  Andy

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