Sunday, April 4, 2010

Heh! A quiz on a Sunday night...

Walt sent me a link to a really cool site (which I will not share, due to the fact that I want to hog all the good junk for myself).

We shall be using said wealth of unnecessary knowledge in the form of quizzes for a while.  I know that all 14 of y'all are thrilled (and you oughta' be)!  One of my favorite worldwide computer games to play are The Mayor's Mensa Teasers.  I usually get at least one of the questions right...and sometimes both if they're real easy.  Actually, I aced last week's Mensa Teaser over at The Mayor's place (I think...he hasn't released the results, but they were REAL easy questions, so I think I did).

He doesn't give actual prizes, just his retarded "Blue Privilege Tokens" that can only be spent if you live in Canada or wherever.  I think they're like those deals you put in the little kid rides at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza joint, but it's fun to play anyhow.

So, let's get to the quiz.  Stretch your brain out, and get ready.

Heck, let's go ahead on and have two quiz kwerstchuns!  I got a million of 'em thanks to Walt.  Thanks Walt!

1)  Name the well known American TV actor who had a nipple bitten off by an alligator while filming his TV series (and, it ain't Steve Irwin...that was crocodiles...and he ain't/wasn't American).

2)  Identify the only 5-letter word in the English language that is pronounced the same way, even when the last 4 letters are removed.

Have fun!  Strut your stuff!  Don't GoobleCheat!  Or, if you do, don't tell nobody.

btw:  We don't even give "Blue Privilege Tokens" for correct answers.  I used to run contests with my retarded yellow lab, Sadie, as the prize, but people quit playing.  Just sayin'...


  1. Man I have been up for close to 100 hours, but I'll give it a shot.

    1. Jim Fowler.

    2. Queue/Q

  2. Pa Cartwright and Q

    (can't spell L. in L Green)
    Q was hard..I went through every letter in the alphabet :)

  3. Nancy is indeed the trivia genius. It was Lorne Greene who lost a chi-chi to a gator.

    Did you know that they grow back? Neither did I...


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