Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hijacked on "THE FACEBOOK!" (And, a BIG DAY for The Mrs.)...

Okay, it has been well chronicled here that Andy does not do The Facebook (much), even though he has a The Facebook account.  It's a looooooong story that I will not bore y'all with.  Again.

But, what do you do when The Mrs. discovers The Facebook, and her kinfolks (she has more living The Facebooking kinfolks than the population of many major US cities, btw) all seem to love it as a way to keep in touch, yada yada yada, and she hijacks your The Facebook account?  Now, I really don't care that my computer letter inbox gets filled with comments/conversations/other junk/lots of other junk/lots and lots of conversational emails while they are conversing back and forth!!!  I really don't!

I'll tell you what you do.  You lovingly suggest (for about two weeks now) that The Mrs. establish her own The Facebook account.  And, you lovingly encourage her to get her own The GoobleMail address to receive the many millions of The GoobleMails that she will receive.  Yep!  That's what you do...

So, the BIG DAY finally arrived.  The Mrs. was ready to take the plunge!  And, plunge she did.

And I'll swear...she feels good about it now.  For the first time in her 39 years, she now has her own computer letter address!  She tells me that it is quite liberating.  And, she has her own The Facebook account.  We have spent an hour or two getting her The GoobleMail, and The Facebook deal set up today.

But, I cautioned her about The Facebook.  I warned her that she will have a MUCH more enjoyable experience with it if she just confirms "friendship" with folks that she REALLY wants to stay in touch with...ya' know...don't be a Mr. Nice Guy like me and say "Okay" to everybody.

(If you are a "friend" of mine on The Facebook...there's nothing personal here...I love all y'all.  Really.  I'm really interested in what all y'all, and your kin are up to.  I especially love reading about y'all's ingrown toenails, and the fact that it's Saturday and you don't have to work, and that little Elroy won a blue ribbon at the Fair with his pig Elmer, and that you got poked 120 times, and that the sun was 'so hot' that your tootsies got burned real real bad in Biloxi, and that your colostomy bag collapsed on you.  Really.  Really, I am!)

So, hopefully The Mrs. will have an excellent experience with The Facebook.  She's a nice lady, a real trooper, and a wonderful life-partner.  You'd never do better!

Heh!  She's got her own The GoobleMail address now, and her own The Facebook account.

Y'all go "friend" her, would ya'?  Nyuk Nyuk Nyuk....


  1. I just friended both of you, that's what you get for putting this up . . .

  2. Andy, Congratulations to Mrs. Andy. I'm afraid I don't know much about The Facebook other than it exists. Is this something an old fart like me should be doing?

  3. Jim...yes sir, I saw it...Pam hasn't checked her e-mail yet. Nyuk!!!

    Dan, all I can tell you is just "move along...nothing happening here..."

  4. Heck, I gave my pesky pet rock his own FB account so's he'd quit getting me in trouble posting under me (he may be found under Seymour PetRock).

    One word of warning about FB, like everything else online: scammers are phishing FB for access to accounts, and folks to friend and scam. FYI. I haven't popped any scammers therein as yet, but I read a Yahoo news account that they're sniffin' around FB, lookin' for easy marks, like they've found online, in Craigslist, Ebay, etc.


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