Monday, April 12, 2010

Justice Hillary?

When I first heard that Stevens was gonna finally allow himself to be wheeled from the Supreme Court after 132 years of trying to screw up everything our Founders established, I thought, "Hillary."

It seems that her name is being floated as a possible nominee by Obozo.  Of course, it would solve a political problem for Barry.  I have suspected for a good while (and even now more so as Obama's poll numbers drop) that Hillary would bide her time...subvert whatever she could in the administration...resign over "philosophical differences" soon, and challenge Barry in 2012.

Will she?  Probably not.  But, the time for an incumbent challenge has NEVER been better.  And, if things continue to deteriorate, the chances become better for Hil.  (Well, maybe Kennedy had half a shot against Carter...four peas in a pod, here.) 

But, would Hillary accept the nomination?  Would the prospect of the few Republicans still walking erect, dredging up Whitewater, and Cattle Futures, and Bimbo Eruptions be too much for Hillary to want to deal with?

And, then...why?  Hillary fashions herself as a Trailblazer!  A Pioneer!  A Ground-breaker!  If there had NEVER been a woman on the SCOTUS, she might jump at it.  But, to just be another gal in the room?



  1. Interesting. I can see Obama doing it just to get her out of his picture. But I think he'll go with some "minority" that plays the race card.

  2. I'd be pretty surprised if Obama nominated Hillary, less so if she challenged him for the 2012 nomination.

  3. Not gonna happen. For too many reasons, not the least of which is Hillary's age.

    I said all along that Hillary would leave Obama's administration by August of 2010 if she felt he was vulnerable for re-election. I still think that's a high probability.

  4. I hope Hillary runs for President in 2012. That would fracture the Democrat's the way Perot fractured the Republicans.

  5. I don't think he'll offer it and if he does I don't think she will take it. But I could be wrong on both counts. Still, wouldn't it be great to see her and Soto"player" there together? As you say, Hillary would never play second fiddle so perhaps some sparks would fly. I never watch pro wrestling, but I might pay to see those two go at it.


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