Saturday, May 22, 2010

For no particular reason (If I don't post this video, I'll never get finished cutting grass)...

Okay, so y'all long time visitors to Andy's Place KNOW that when I get a song stuck up in my head the only way I can get it out of my head is to find it on The YouTube, and post it on this pitiful little blog.

As always, I'm lying about there being "no particular reason."  (that's just one of my mysterious tricky things I do to keep y'all pondering)

Anyway, this is Johnny Dutchendork.

One of the best nights of our lives was when we went to see Mile High Jack at the Hirsch Coliseum in the early 80's.  Jeepers, the guy tore the roof off the sucker for about an hour...then he gave his band about a half hour to take a break.  Then he sat down on the stage by himself, and played, sang...cut up...just an unbelievable performer.

After the band caught their breath, they came back and finished demolishing that old joint for about another hour and a half with Denver swinging the sledgehammer himself.

I gotta do this.  If I don't, the grass will never get cut.

This is the one that's stuck in my head (but I'm gonna post another one down below it...just sayin'...)

Okay, here's the other one...

Okay... DONE! I can go finish cutting grass before the sun gets down.


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