Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mensa Teaser...this is more harder than I figured it would be.

Once again, we give many thanks to our Okie buddy, Staci for this week's opening Mensa Teaser picture!  (Where does she find this stuff???)

I'm going with answer #2 on this one, and turning immediately to page #54.

Just sayin'...

Last Thursday, y'all did just fabrulous!  Really, you did!  Really, one of you did.  And, another one of you may have, but Steamboat's answer was so convoluted that I actually had to go out and buy two hourglass timers from a Pawn Shop to test it out (thanks for the tip, Innominatus).  And, Steamboat's rather convoluted route to the correct answer seems to be correct.  I think.  I'm not sure, because I got lost in the instructions about 12 times in a row, and it takes too long for all that sand to run back down to try it out again, so I just finally smashed them with my embroidered slipper and called Steamboat correct.

Good on ya' Steamboat!  Like my beloved Granddaddy always said, "Sell by mass confusion."  He was a good salesman.

Nancy was our other big winner.  She correctly answered both questions according to the answer key.  Nancy is racking up big time points here, and will likely be our starting wide receiver when the real season opens up in September when The Mayor takes this job back over.


So, let's be about this week's Mensa Teaser questions.

1) Supply the missing number.

1   4   10   —>   117
5   5   5    —>    75
1   1   1    —>    3
1   3   1   —>    11
1   2   3   —>    ?

(That little question mark deal denotes the missing number, just in case you didn't know).

2)  It is College Football season (finally).  USC, and Notre Dame are playing the annual Snooze Bowl.  After four regulation quarters, the score is tied 2 - 2.  Neither team has gained a first down, or completed a pass.  In the second overtime period, the score is still 2 - 2.  

On 4th and 43, the Notre Dame quarterback decides on a Hail Mary.  He fades back and is not sacked for the first time in three weeks, and tosses that punkin' with all his might.  Notre Dame's star wide receiver eludes USC's star cornerback when Jamaal pulls up lame due to being a wuss.  He runs at break leg speed toward the end zone.  Really, he breaks a leg from actually running, and falls headlong into the end zone.

As he winces in pain, he grabs his leg, and flips over on his back awaiting medical attention.  The previously flung pigskin lands point-first right on him, and lodges in his face guard.

What is the final score?

Go at it, team!

Oh yeah!

Bonus question:  When is September gonna be?


  1. 1) Sum of squares. Missing # is 14

    2) Depends on which team Jamaal is on and whether he even smart enough to run towards the correct end zone. I'm doubting that he got all that right, so he probably was downed in the wrong end zone resulting in a final score of 4-2.

  2. Inno, I wondered who would be the first to go there.


  3. Ditto 14.
    From the way it is written, Jamaal is the USC cornerback. The WR continues into the end zone. The ball hits after he is down and he doesn't have true possession, so the score is still 2-2.

  4. Jim, Hmmmmmmmmmm.....

    I gotta go Gooble the minor conference college rules on that one.

    But, you did get 'er right about Jamaal playing for USCSucks.

  5. Andy, you go 'look it up'. Maybe this $5 bill I have in my pocket will serve as a reference. I really need to redeem myself on these things!

  6. I ain't doubting you, Jimbo. And, I sure ain't betting you.

    I don't have five dollars.

  7. No Andy, my moral character wouldn't allow me to bet you. It was a hint at a bribe, you know - see it my way and this $5 could be yours (wink, wink).

  8. Jimbo, I'm slow. Real slow. Whizzed right over my head.

    But trust me, being double right on Mensa Teaser is not worth five bucks.

  9. You guys obviously don't understand USC football. It's gonna take a lot more than $5 to outbribe the crooks in Pasadena.

    Heh. I just heard that former UO Duck QB and current convict Jeremiah Masoli is transferrin' to Ole Miss.

    Make sure y'all lock your deadbolts before going to bed!

  10. Inno, I have no doubt you're right about USCSucks.

    And, if Jeremiah is going to Ole Miss, he will be right at home. BTW, Ole Miss is picked to finish "DEAD LAST" in the SEC West...even behind MS State. Nyuk...

  11. Heck, I've been writing that wrong. I'm out of practice.

    It's USuCks.


  12. EDSBS: "Cutting your hair was a really, really excellent idea, though the Polynesian Battle-Fro would have sprung to unseen heights in the muggy Mississippi air, and missing that is a bit of a shame. "

    One very good nyuk among many. Thanks!

  13. #1 -- who cares?

    #2 -- Razorbacks 41, Tigers 2.
    Tee hee. Of those other teams, 2 - 2.

  14. Moogie: Sigh...

    As much as I hate to think so, 2010 is gonna be a chore.


  15. The Mayor of Mitchieville, said/promised fotos of the latest modelas from Spain. I'm going to spend a few more minutes here looking/leering, then I'm going to check with The Mayor, then I'm going to walk to the local store for more coffee filters, usually I buy 3 or 4 of those 100 packs and I never run out, but relatives have been visiting, and you know what happened next.

    Andy, I'm having difficulty even understanding the question never mind actually coughing up a solution.
    Is it friday yet? Your leader was on The View today. I know... I struggled with going to work today too.

    marc in calgary, enjoying his 3 weeks of summer.

  16. Marc, as you know by now, Corch Mayor is a fabulous liar. Sorry, no nekkid wimmens on this blog.

    As to understanding the question... kinda imagine USuCks and Notre Dame's college football teams as soccer teams. But, only extremely more gay. They are tied at 2-2, and then just imagine they all decided to put on helmets and throw a real football around at each other.

    Hope that cleared it all up.

  17. I never, never, never, said anything about nekkid.
    never. I'm ok with clothing, especially dresses.
    Especially white dresses.

    I do have one USA college football "baseball hat" (if that makes sense). It has a green 'gator on the front and it's orange. I think it's a winning type football club from Florida so maybe you've never heard of them. I've heard they play a lot of quality football in Texas too, especially near Austin. Austin looks like a very nice city, to visit.
    Or, if one wants to cheer for the home/winning team.

    Do any of those teams have horses on the uniforms? Our local effort have horses on them... in about 1949, "our" team went undefeated, just like the 1972 Dolphins. :)

    marc in calgary

  18. Without looking at any one else's answers:

    1. 14 (square all numbers then add them together)

    2. 8 to 2. The ball is in his possession (even in his facemask) and never hit the ground, so touchdown. No extra point attempted due to sudden death rules.

    Bonus: After August. When else?

  19. Dave, you're a genius! But, I was hoping maybe we could skip August this year. Sigh...

  20. Oooh, yes! I vote for skipping August, too! Except for the part of August that's my birthday. I'm not willing to sacrifice the cake.


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