Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mensa Teaser...Thursday #4...

Our good Okie buddy, Staci sent this to me as her response to Mensa Teaser.  Obviously, she does not intend to participate.  But, I'm giving a big old back slap to all of y'all that suited up last week, and took on those two almost impossibly amazingly hard as nails questions.  (Yeah)

Unfortunately, only Mitch (no really) was the only player to answer both questions correctly.  Good on ya' Mitch (no really)!  I'm iz proud!  And, you should be, too.  Puff that chest out, and crow your loudest Mitch (no really)!

However, several of you receive partial credit for answering at least one correctly. And, even though a few of you like Paul the Fireguy, Nancy, Moogie, and Innominatus (not his real name) did technically post answers that might somehow be considered correct, I can't give you full credit.  I can not, because what you wrote is not in the answer key, and Corch Mayor has not given me authority to make special dispensations, or judgments on my own.

Sorry.  Take it up with him.

So, let's be about it...

1)  If a carriage doth travel Eastwards from London...  Nyuk, just joshin'!

Down!  Set!  Hutt!  Hutt, Hutt, Hutt!!!

1) You have two hourglass sand timers.  One runs for three minutes and another runs for 5 minutes. How do you time 7 minutes using these two sand timers?

2)  The Hebert family (pronounced "A-Bear Fomli" for y'all that don't speak Coonass) is kinda odd.  They like numbers, but only certain numbers.  See, I told y'all they are kinda odd.

The Papa, Elmer likes 225, but not 224.  Mama, Pixie likes 900, but not 800.  Their little girl, Elxie likes 144, but not 145.  Their little boy, Pixler likes 196, but not 296.

So, which of these numbers does the extremely odd Hebert family like?

a)  1600

b)  1700

Have at it, y'all. Let's make Corch Mayor proud, okay? And, have a smash-up, bang-up, heckuva what's left of Mensa Teaser Thursday!


  1. 1) Take the times to be appraised on Antiques Roadshow. Once their value has been established, take them to a pawn shop and haggle out a good price. Use your newfound wealth to buy a ******* oven timer at the dollar store.

    2) Bobby Hebert never was much of a QB. He doesn't like the number 224 'cuz that's how many interceptions he threw back in 1987. The rest of it is totally inexplicable.

    I'll be back later with some serious answers after the coffee IV starts dripping into my veins.

  2. Bwahahahahahaha! ha ha


    Was it only 224 interceptions? ;)

  3. Jim, you ALMOST GOT IT! You only missed two.

  4. Well, with Jim all over this I might as well just give up now.

  5. Hardy Har Har! You guys are so funny!

  6. Yeah Jim, we know...but looks aren't everything.

  7. Reminds me of the comment I once saw somewhere:

    "I agree with almost but not quite nothing you've said."

    1. Flip both hourglasses and let run until the 3min one runs out. Flip the 3min and let run for 2 minutes more, at which time the 5min one will run out. Flip the 5min one and let run for the remaining 1 minute left in the 3min one. stop both hour glasses (lay them over on their sides).

    Now you have a five minute timer with 4 minutes left in it. Run it, then the 3min one, and you have 7 minutes.

    2. 1600, because it is 40 squared. All the preferred numbers are squares:
    225 = 15 squared
    900 = 30 squared
    196 = 14 squared

    3. It required exactly 13 elves to build a raft because pancakes have no bones.

  8. 1. Run the 3 and 5, when the 3 is done, there is 2 left in the 5. Start timing there, then flip the 5 again.
    2 + 5 = 7

    2. square roots so, 1600

    How much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  9. Oooh! I took the long way around, didn't I, Nancy?


  10. I'm getting lost here.

    Did I ask something about woodchucks, or going a long way around Nancy?

    I probably did. Where is my hourglass sand timer thingy? It will know.

  11. BTW Steamboat. Evidently you've never eaten any Salmon Pancakes.

    Sure, people say they don't have any bones, but people lie. Sure, the bones are little, and supposedly digest easily.


  12. We have a burrito place in Toronto that makes halibut burrito's. Sounds weird, but I'm tellin' ya, they are AMAZING.

    Salmon pancakes though?

  13. Corch Mayor, I have eaten halibut burrito's. Primo! Actually the Mrs. In-Law makes them from Alaskan Halibut's. Primo!

    Steamboat, probably not. But, I can't give no promises, due to the fact that The Mayor is somewhat disappointed at my performance as ASSistant Corch, and maybe you'll be running this deal by next week.

    Or somebody else. Maybe. Please???

  14. Steamboat, if you wash the dishes you can get some pretty good ideas.

    Andy, the long way is around the mulberry bush.
    whatever that means :)

    Salmon fritters, Mayor.
    Although conch fritters are the best.
    The first season of Survivor I was screaming at the TV,"Eat the conch!"

  15. But we know one thing:

    It's a long way to Tipperary,
    It's a long way to go.
    It's a long way to Tipperary
    To the sweetest girl I know!

    I can't take the job, Andy. I ... um ... have a debilitating hangnail!

  16. Sure Steamboat...Sure you've got a debilitating hangnail thing.

    And, I'm the Queen of England.

  17. My Momma called them Salmon patties. Mom was never wrong so technically pancakes don't have bones. They have cashews and blueberries on them but that's another story. MUD


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