Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh, I knew I forgot something...

In my earlier "Sunday Post" I had a 4th Act planned.  But, I forgot.  So, just consider this a curtain call.

Yesterday, The Mrs. and yours truly happened to be in The WalMart.  As we were trekking from side to side of the massive wonderland of junk, we came across a rack of shirts that were marked $1.  Yep!  Shirts for a buck.

Some of 'em were marked originally at $18, some at $12.  So, The Mrs. gave 'em all the once, or twice over.  These were some pretty nice shirts.  Long sleeve Ts, some cute ladies tops, and some other junk.

For a buck.

One American Dollar.  That is cheaper than Goodwill.  And, they are new.

For a buck.

So, she fished out four of them.  This is the one she bought for me.


I don't know if your The WalMart has $1 shirts or not.  But, if they do, go stock up.  That's a DEAL!

Just sayin'...


  1. Some days I go outside too, and there's a giant yellow orb in the sky, it makes me feel ikky and hot so I generally return to the climate controlled room not too far from the refrigerator I keep on hand for emergencies like thirst and hunger.

    I have a collection of T-shirts that cost in the same range as a cup o' joe. Lots of companies I've never heard of, some universities, but no blue donkeys thank you very much.

    marc in calgary, the centre for football excellence in Canada.

  2. This is the most poorly written post I've read in a long time. Next time know your facts!!

  3. I'll take two of that shirt you posted a picture of.

  4. Marc: I'm with ya' on the donkeys.

    Inno: I try.

    Dave: Check out your local WalMart. They're only A BUCK!

  5. Always fashion forward, aren't ya, Andy.

  6. Moogie, you have NO idea just how sporty I can be.

    Seriously, I am a trend setter.


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