Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brotherly love...

Dapper Dan has a post up about former country singer, and Louisiana Goober, Jimmie Davis.  Being a Louisiana boy, and somewhat familiar with Jimmie, I found it interesting.  In the comments, someone mentioned Governor Earl K. Long (the brother of The Kingfish).  I got into a cruising around expedition of Louisiana Goobers, and found something interesting in Earl K. Long's Wickedpedia page.

(Pay no attention to those there not hit them, they are useless to the point of this post).

...He was also lieutenant governor, having served from 1936–1939, but he failed in three other bids to be elected lieutenant governor. In 1932, he lost to state House Speaker John B. Fournet of Jennings in Jefferson Davis Parish; in 1944, he was defeated in a runoff by J. Emile Verret of Iberia Parish, and in 1959, the position went to the conservative Clarence C. "Taddy" Aycock of Franklin in St. Mary Parish. In that first defeat, Earl's brother, Huey Pierce Long, Jr., endorsed Fournet, but the rest of the Long family stood with Earl. 

The outraged Earl, at thirty-six, called Huey "the yellowest physical coward that God had ever let live." Huey Long said of Earl: "Earl is my brother but he's crooked. If you live long enough he'll double cross you. He'd double cross Jesus Christ if He was down here on earth." (Quoted in Richard D. White, Jr., Kingfish, Random House, p. 137)

I'll bet it was kinda tense at Christmas that year.

BTW, I'm gonna need some help from some fellow Louisianians here.  That portrait of Earl reminds me of somebody, and I just can't put my finger on who.  He reminds me of somebody that has been in politics in the not too distant past around here...maybe still is.  I just can't quite put my finger on who it is, though.  Any idears???


  1. BTW, Huey most have been looking in the mirror when he described his brother Earl. Huey was a corrupt despot, in my humble opinion...

  2. Dadman, BINGO! Not a politician, for sure, but a very familiar face. Man, I suck. I should have put that together in a heartbeat.

    Definitely Bart.

    And, oh was in the genes with that Long crowd.

  3. I think it was probably tense every year at Christmas.

    I'm not even sure who Bart Dadman is, but ol' Earl does look familiar.

    On a side note, I absolutely detest driving the Huey P. Long bridge across the Mississippi. Whoever thought it wise to hang 4 lanes of auto traffic off the side of a railroad bridge must've been out of his freakin' mind!

  4. Oops. I obviously don't know who Bart is. Sorry about that, Dadman!

    I do know that it's not Bart Simpson.

  5. Moogie, Bart is my best childhood friend. And, it took Dadman to remind me of what he looks like.

    I suck.

  6. He looks like a young Edwin Edwards, too.

  7. Paul, I just wrote a long comment about Fast Eddie, and the Longs. The Globber ate it.

    I do not have the patience to repeat myself. Plus, I can not remember what it was exactly.

  8. Andy, don't feel bad. I'm EXTREMELY good with faces. The ol' brain is just wired up that way...

  9. Dadman, I really do not feel bad about it. But you are spot-on. The mouth, the nose, the eyes. When it comes to "faces," I suck. Obviously.

    Spooky. I've gotta ask Bart if he is any kin. I know his folks are from South of here, but not all the way down in Coonass country. The Longs are from a bit East of there.



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