Sunday, September 26, 2010

A funny thing happened at halftime of the Hog/Tide game...


...Real life rang the telephone.

Real life must be attended to, so it was.

I understand that 'Bama came back.  I did not see the second half.  But, I will admit that I left one factor out of the mix while making my prediction of a 'Bama blowout.  "Home-cookin'!"

I also understand that LSU hung on against West Ginny.

And, I understand that ucla showed the entire nation just how overrated Texas is was again this season.

Maybe I will get to watch some ball next Saturday.


  1. Real Life sometimes sucks. Your Tiggers played a pretty good game last evening. It might be a good thing ya missed it, coz those Mountaineers might have had an adverse effect on your blood pressure well into the second half.

  2. Buck, trust me, it we had been trounced by the Mountaineers it would have been the best part of my day.

    But, the sun came up this morning, I awoke with a sense of hope, and we are 4-0. Certainly, we have not lined up agin' huge talent yet...and I ain't looking forward to that...but I'm thinking that maybe we are better than I think we are.

    Regardless, we haven't stunk up the joint just yet. So, I take some solace in that.

    Ya' know, I spent months asking, "When is September gonna be?"

    How does it go??? "Be careful what you wish for..."

  3. "Home cookin'," and, the Heffalumps might just be vulnerable. Of course, Pepper said that 'Bama just played its toughest game of the season. Nonetheless, the way their defense adjusted at halftime was truly a frightening thing to behold.

    Ol' Les actually pulled Jefferson out for a series of downs. Maybe if someone just thumps him upside his head . . . . The Ridge Runners almost took that game. Probably should have -- but, as you mentioned, the home cookin at Death Valley is pretty stout.

  4. Moogie, Pepper is right. The elfununts are over the hump now.

    I did not get to watch the toothless wonders agin' my Tigers. But from all accounts, they were handicapped by playing at near sea level...and maybe some "home cookin'" to boot.

    We're gonna lose to Flarda, 'Bama, and them Hawgzzz. Unless I am truly misreading our talent, corching, and every dang thing else, we will be lucky to end up 9-3, and it could be even worse...we could lose to The Barn.

    The only "locks" are those orange guys, McNeese, ULM, and The Klan.

    But, we have beaten two top 25 ranked misfit teams from inferior conferences, and might grow up. Still, it matters not. We will end up in some sucky bowl game like The Capitol One, or something.



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