Saturday, September 25, 2010

We ready...


✓ Mop out Daddy's office. (Actually, Momma's domain in Daddy's office. See previous post).

✓ Dry up everything in sight with old towels...move microwave oven and coffee pot...move two racks of paint...remove everything from countertop, and wipe down with old towels.

✓ Throw old, now soaked towels in trash can, but dump water that cascaded into trash can first, because it's got a hole in it.  Soak up water from leaky trash can on your way out the door.

✓ Turn on AC to knock down humidity.

✓ Start electric fans, and pray that everything dries out good by Monday when Momma & Daddy get back.

✓ Haul wet, nasty old towels to the house for laundering.

✓ Go to The Dollar General Store, and buy AA batteries, because my stinkin' remote control is dead (was dead). It only gets used on Saturday, and then only on Saturdays that there is something worth watching.

Okay, we ready... 


  1. I repeat -- you are a good son, Andy.

    AND THE HOGS ARE LEADING THE HEFFALUMPS BY 10 AT THE HALF! And my blood pressure is riding a tide of its own! Don't know whether I can make it for aother half.

  2. Nick Saban has a pact with the devil. And there was no - I repeat - no blowout! Woo Pig , hold your heads high!

  3. Jim: Spooky, huh?

    Yeah Moogie, I read about it this morning.


  4. You ARE a good son, Andy.

    Moogie: I was pullin' fer yer Hogs. I wasn't much help, tho. Neither was young Ryan Mallet in the second half. (sigh)


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