Sunday, September 5, 2010

Greeting Cards...

I don't know about y'all, but I have probably received at least two thousand cards in my now exactly 51 years of life.  Yep, it's my birthday.  Again.  Yep.  Done made another year.

But, before I talk about cards, I want to thank the many hundreds of y'all that visit here at Andy's Place, who were notified well in advance that my birthday was coming up today, and took action!  I really appreciate that ONE CARD that one of y'all sent me. 

Dr. Jill, you da' bomb!  But, I think some postal service employee must have steamed it open, because The WalMart gift card had obviously been removed.  But, you tried, and I love you for it.

So, let's get back to cards.  Seriously, I've received thousands.  Christmas cards, birthday cards, congrats on getting married cards, anniversary cards, get well cards, sympathy cards, congratulations on passing school cards, etc.  And, I'll bet if you think about it, you have, too.

Cards are thoughtful, and I truly appreciate getting one.  But, the truth is that they're kind of wasteful in a way.  Let me give you an example.  About once a month, Momma has all the family out to her house to have a joint birthday gathering.  There is not one month in which at least one of the clan doesn't have a birthday.  So, we all gather to celebrate.  There are usually two, three, sometimes as many as five of us with a birthday in a particular month.  And on those occasions, we must haul our cookies to The Dollar General Store to purchase a card for each birthday boy/gal.

The most expensive card they sell is $1.  Some of them are 50 cents.  And, they are good cards, too.  No need to go spend 3 to 5 bucks at Hallmark...these are just as good. 

Just a tip here.  Y'all know that I love The WalMart, but their selection of 1 buck cards sucks.  Seriously, they ain't got nothing worth giving to someone you care about.

Last weekend, it came my turn to be celebrated, along with my Big Sis, and three others.  It dawned on me sometime last year how wasteful, and expensive it can be to give somebody a card that they are only gonna look at once, read, thank you for it, take it home, leave the stack on their dresser for a couple of days, and then throw them away when it's time to dust the furniture.

C'mon, admit it.  You know that's what happens to about 95% of the cards folks receive.  Heck, of the thousands of cards I've received, I probably have only saved two or three dozen.  Most of those are from The Mrs., or the boys, or my parents, or my grandparents (God rest their souls).  And, I imagine that most of y'all are in just about the same boat.

So, I had an idea that I proposed at the family gathering last week.  I said, "Hey, how about when we do these birthday party deals we go ahead on and bring cards...but don't sign 'em.  I mean, like just write a note telling who the card is from, and stick it inside the card.  That way, if it is a really good card, you can re-send, or give it to somebody else.  That way you don't have to go to the store and pick out a good card.  You can just keep the ones you really like in your own personal stash, and then pass it to somebody else."

I'll give y'all an example.  This is the birthday card that my Big Sis gave me.  It is the funniest dang card I've seen in a while.  This here is my "Birthday Fairy."

The image on the front, and the message inside made me truly laugh out loud.  It is so funny that I would like to be able to send it to someone else...ya' know, share the chuckle.  But, it is signed by her, so I would have to find out where she bought it, go to that store, wade through millions of cards, and then I might not find it.  I mean, if she had just given it to me blank with a nice note inside (and a WalMart gift card), I'd be able to save time, energy, money, and a tree by not having to actually go buy a card.  In fact, I might just give it back to her next year.

Ya' see what I'm saying?  

Well, when I mentioned it, I saw the light bulb go on in the eyes of my brothers, sis, and their spouses.  Momma, on the other hand...well, that's another story.  She didn't care much for the idea.  But, I'm gonna start doing it anyway.  I'm gonna start sending/giving cards unsigned, with a nice note inserted, so the recipient can resend it.  I think it's a fabulous idea.  

In fact, I am just getting ready to send my eldest son a birthday card.  He will be 30 in a few days, and I've already got him a nice note written to insert in his unsigned card, which he can then give to someone else, instead of throwing it away.

See...efficiency!  I'm sure he'll keep the note, because he is the sentimental type, but now he'll have a free birthday card to send to somebody.  Like me, maybe.  Probably not.  He didn't send me one this year.  Again.  But, I know he's been real busy, and he probably didn't have time to get to the Dollar Store.  But, next year he will have no excuse.  I have already made provision for it.  In fact, I am gonna also put one of those "Forever Stamps" in there, too.  So, there will be no reason for not getting it back next September...along with an equally thoughtful note.

Just sayin'...


  1. Happy Birthday! It seems that I am about a year older than you, darn it. I like the card idea - it would be as good as getting a gift bag. Many times I am more excited about getting a gift bag than I am about the gift. That way, when I need a gift bag, I don't have to go buy one. Sometimes the tissue paper gets a bit ratty, but oh well.

  2. Happiest birthingday! We've already exchanged Wal-Mart gift cards -- remember? My birthday was last Tuesday, so I decided we should each just buy a gift card, keep them for ourselves, and pretend that we had sent them to one another. Almost as good an idea as your card one, doncha think?

    I really so like the card idea!

    (And gift bags that I can recycle make me happy, too!)

    Hope you blow out all the candles and get LOTS of cake!

  3. Thanks, y'all! I gotta get cleaned up and get to work.

    And Moogie, I forgot about that. So, thanks! And, you're welcome!

  4. Happy birthday, Andy, and may you have many more.

    PS I like the card idea.

  5. Happy Berfday!! I like the card thingy too! Our 29th anniversary tomorrow and Pat's BD on Tuesday so I did the card thing yesterday. Hate looking for cards! Just as soon do an internet card or something like that.

  6. First of all: Happy Happy!

    Momma, on the other hand...well, that's another story. She didn't care much for the idea.

    Me and your Mom. And Hallmark. Think of the economic impact, Andy! We're already in one hella recession... and now you wanna throw all those nice Hallmark folks out o' work, too? This is NOT a good ideer, if only FOR THE CHILDREN (of Hallmark employees). And who wants a ratty third or fourth hand card that's been passed around by God-Only-Knows who? Suppose some tubercular wino gave it to one o' your friends? Worse: Cooties, man! COOTIES!

  7. Hey y'all! Thanks to all for the kind wishes. It is very kind of you all.

    It was a day. And a half.

    And, it's all good.

  8. Happy Birthday Andy. My son was born on September 5, 1960 which I'm guessing is pretty close to your birth date. My card to you is in the mail. Along with the check. But the mail delivery down that way is sometimes pretty screwy.

  9. Happy Birthday Andy. My son was born on September 5, 1960 which I'm guessing is pretty close to your birth date. My card to you is in the mail. Along with the check. But the mail delivery down that way is sometimes pretty screwy.

  10. Thank you, Dan! I will not spend it all in one place.

    Yessir, the day that your son was screaming his way toward the light, I was busy blowing out one candle. I was a cute little booger...

    Thanks again.

  11. oh Hi Andy, did anything happen yesterday while I was out? I heard the malls were real busy with back to school types buying pencil crayons in the 24 pack, heaven help those of us that color outside the lines and buy the kids the 36 pack they all want. Anyway, if you don't have all the pencil crayons you might need for the upcoming year now is a good time to act. They're about $3. here at Walmart North plus the 5% federal tax. I always wanted the 48 count pencil crayons but no-no-no. My parents were government workers and they fell in line when told to. I've looked at my parents notebooks from school (they saved the chemistry books for whatever reason) and they're perfect, no coloring outside the lines there. No doodles. No, "I love Jan" (my mom). just take notes, like the teacher said.
    Anyhow, I'm 50, remember 50? man, it's great to be 50. No senior discounts yet, but it does beat the alternatives and I'm saving minutes! I tell you MINUTES!! every morning by not having to "fix" my hairs.
    And, happy birthday.

    marc in calgary

  12. You did get my card, right.

    Great big thing, weighs about two pounds?

  13. Walmart card? It was a Saks Fifth Avenue (7 digits amount) in New York city with plane tickets for you and the your lovely bride to have a shopping spree this past weekend. Now that makes me mad that some postal worker enjoyed that present and you didn't get to. Next year I will do better, promise
    ! :)

  14. SHUCKS! Well, thanks for remembering me anyway, Dr. Jill.



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