Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy weekend!

Hey y'all!  I am as busy as a one-armed switchman this weekend.

I had a great couple of hour visit with three old friends from high school on Thursday morning.  I certainly will take the time to tell y'all about it before it slips my mind.  But, it won't be this weekend.

Why?  Because I'm busy!

Worked late this going to the Louisiana State Fair on Saturday.  I haven't been to the State Fair in probably 20 years, but #4 son (who has NEVER expressed any interest in it) wants to go. Yay!  I think the boy is making progress.  (Plus, my employer has an "employee appreciation" deal where we park free, get in free, ride junk free, and eat free junk.  Now, that's my price for entertaining the family!)

And, #2 son is heading out from the heathen city of Columbus, stinkin' Ohio early Saturday morning headed home.  This time, I hope for good!  He'll be in some time late Satidy night/early Sunday morning, to fall into the loving arms of fambly.  I can't wait to see him, and The Mrs. is more excited than I'm is!

Then, I gotta' hit the hospital at 6:00 am on Sunday to work.  So, I'm gonna be kinda' off the radar. 

So, let's get this did...

Nebraska beats Mizzou by 14.  The Children of The Corn play up to their potential, and whack the yellow-pantied guys that think they're invincible because they took down #1.  Sorry...

Auburn goes easy on The Ole Miss Cave Bear Klan, only winning by 30.  Of course, it will NOT be that close, as Auburn will rack up 1200 yards in total offense, hold Masoli to 90 yards passing, and will steal all the footballs on the way out of Oxford.

USC (playing only for pride), will slow down Da' Ducks, but it will not be enough.  I see a 10 point Oregon win.

I'm still calling for a Michigan State defeat.  I picked 'em to lose last Satidy, and I will again.  Iowa's no chumps!  And, I know for sure that somebody's gonna cash Iowa, at 5-2, gots as good a chance as anybody...I'm calling it Hawkeyes by 2.

The only other game that is even mildly interesting to me is the Kansas State v. Okie State game.  And, just mildly...I'm saying that it goes to overtime, and K-State takes it on a blocked field goal returned for a TD.

Oh, there is ONE other game of interest.  #25 Baylor (Yep, you read that right!) probably beats Texas.  Nyuk!  How thou hast fallen, Mack!  But, unless you're a Baptist, or a Texan...who cares?

Alright y'all!  Have a fabrulous weekend!  Get all the goody out of it that you can!  Cherish every single second!  

And, turn off your porch light...lock yourself in the back bedroom...and don't acknowledge all them haints creepin' around your 'hood on Sunday evening.  

Miserable beggars...


  1. Hope #4 has a great time at the fair, and congrats on #2 coming home from Ohio. If I was in Columbus I would come home too!

  2. Thanks, Jimbo! It's kind of a big deal with #4 son...long story, but I'm happy to see him excited about something. Anything.

    Ain't it the truth about Columbus?

  3. What Jim said, on all counts.

    I think the Michigan State game will be the only one of interest for me. Yeah, I'll prolly watch some of the ND game out of loyalty (why? I have no freakin' clue) but then again, I might be afraid to. Coz if they lose to Tulsa...

    I MIGHT watch those Ducks, too. Mainly coz there's no hockey on my teevee.

  4. Have a wonderful time at the Fair! I haven't gotten to go to a Fair in ages! The weather should be perfect -- win lots of prizes and eat lots of free junk!

    Safe travels to #2! Y'all have been waiting so long for him to be there. Just one last thing -- TRICK or TREAT!!!

    And, Woo Pig Sooieee!


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