Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coming Home...


I don't usually post four minute videos, but this one grabbed me.  In this video we hear three Brit, and two US soldiers singing "Coming Home."  I was stunned at the talent, and the heart.  They really go yard with it.

Guess I shouldn't have been.

I haven't mentioned it yet, but my oldest son (who I have mentioned often lately) is being deployed to Iraq in a few months.  I would appreciate y'all's prayers for the boy man, as he has much on his plate personally (but, we've talked about that already).  He's actually looking forward to it.  The AF has him on a different task than his specialty, and it sounds quite challenging & interesting...a way to make a real difference.

Anyway, here is the vid.  I stole it off Theo Spark, and trust me, it beats the mortal snot out of "We Are The World,"  and junk like that.


  1. They are good! Keep us updated on the deployment.

  2. Excellent. Adding your baby boy to my prayers. I hope all goes well for him, in many respects.

  3. I will most certainly place your son on my prayer list, sir!

  4. Thanks, y'all! He's a good man. I wish I was half his stature.

    BR, that is especially kind of you. Seeing as you are now a big-time blogger, it is humbling that you remember the little people. Nyuk! Seriously, I appreciate that, Dave. I figure you can understand well.

    Jim, and Moogie, I know that you do, too. Y'all are all just way too cool.

    Well, I gotta go take a dump, so I'd better cut it off pretty quick...later, andy...............

  5. Andy, I could never forget the little people that I stepped on on the way to the top. ;)


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