Friday, October 15, 2010

I think those people trying to keep me from getting sick rurrned me!


I did something last night that I NEVER do.  I slept almost 12 hours.  I woke up about 4 as usual with a sore throat, head congestion, a headache, and I can tell a slight fever.

Went back to sleep, and woke up about 7:15...still feel like dookie.  I'm gonna try to get some work done today, but not gonna push. 

I've been halfway sick ever since I got all those vaccinations last Friday.  Dang...

But, some good news.  Moogie suggested a Gooble Search based on my "Nancy Pelosi is a WHORE" post.  Lookit!

Well, I'm gonna take it pretty easy today.  I've got an old stash of Drixoral saved up from before they took it off the market.  Y'all have a blessed Friday, okay?


  1. Did you check out Buck's link to Mary the Louisiana Purchase Slut? Heh.

    Feel better soon! Hey, the flu isn't transmissible thru the internet, is it? You'd better wash your hands anyway, for all our sakes.

  2. Being sick is the pits. Hope it passes soon, my friend.

  3. Heh! Moogie, I don't think so. Sometimes you can read something that makes you sick, but I don't think that's the same thing.

    BR, thanks! I am slowly feeling better. Hopefully I can couch it this weekend, and be ready come Monday.


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