Sunday, October 10, 2010

Inquiring minds want to know!


This post will be of zero interest to anyone that does not live in NW Louisiana.  In truth, it might not interest any of our regular visitors that live here locally.  But, since I've got nuthin', I'm posting it anyhow.

I started to do this as a "Teh Stoopid Search Of The Day©," but it does not really qualify as such.  The truth is, I'd like to know this myself.  I get a visitor every day or two searching for this exact information.  One came by just a few minutes ago, and I surely wish I had the answer.

I guess the only way we could really ascertain the truth is to go like to a scrap yard.  You know, one of those places where you drive your truck in, and they weigh you full, and weigh you empty on the way out.

But, I'm gonna hazard a guess.  I'm guessing 625.

 Now, note that Andy's Place is #1, and #2 on The Gooble in this search (those are two different posts)...ahead of some other local sites.

(Y'all locals, please click on it, and if you feel like it, tell me if I'm all wet.)


  1. In the sense of fairness you now have to post a 'how short is Bryan Wooley' title.
    Just the rules of the election. Any fat remark gets a short answer. Get it, short answer . . .

  2. jim i am a bloger not a media moron farenis is not what i due.


  3. I don't live in NW Louisiana, I can't tell the difference between a NW Louisiana accent and those folks from SE Arkansas or western Miss. and I don't know if your police force targets them for small time speeding infractions any more than Virginia just LIVES for this sort of tax revenue / behavior, so let it just be said, thanks for weighing in on the heavy topics of the day, and doing the heavy lifting the MSM is tired of doing. Your efforts are appreciated and have been noted in your file.

    bonus: in The Mayor of Mitchieville's nearby town of Toronto, there's an upcoming mayoralty election, Ford is the man they want, and here's an ad from this...

    "I love your wallet" ...

    marc in calgary

  4. Nyuk! Good one, Marx.

    Naw, Shreveport is not a little town where speed traps get set up. However, DUI roadblocks are common.

    Most folks keep a jar of peanut butter in the car to chug on while waiting in line.

  5. Moogie, I know that you live in "The Other Louisiana." But, our corner is just as cuh-razee (in a different kind of way).


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