Monday, October 18, 2010

This video has been begging to be posted.

Hey y'all! I hope y'all had a good day. Today was my first day on my new job. Not the last new one I had, or the new one before that. No, I mean my NEW one. Just orientation, but I managed to stay awake for 9 hours, and learned a thing or two.

And, I made it through the day feeling pretty good (better than I expected when I woke up this morning)...maybe I really AM on the mend now.

I posted this video 5 months ago, and for the last three or four days, it's been calling my name. I went back to watch it, and decided to post it again.

7 year-old Argentinian, Luciano Pizzichini playing "Samba Pa Ti."


  1. A kid with a SpongeBob sticker on his guitar can outplay me...

    [hangs head in shame]

  2. Inno: Don't feel bad. No shame in being bested by a prodigy.

    I know you've seen 'em probably. But, if you haven't YouTube The Tuttle Kids...stinkin' amazing!

  3. I was a child prodigal. I did that really well. Better than most adults, in fact.

  4. Hi Jewel! I'm sure you were...and that's really cool!!!

    Send me a video, and I'll post it. I would just love to see a child that is actually better at it than us adults.


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