Saturday, October 16, 2010



Hey y'all!  I would give y'all hugs and kisses, but this crud I've got might be virtually catching, so I will refrain.

First off, I want to thank you all for your kind wishes during my time of extreme illness.  My near death experience was quite harrowing, and your support is what pulled my cookies out of the fire.  It was truly like virtual chicken soup.  I am still under the weather this morning, but I can see a patch or two of blue sky.  So, thankee!

I'm gonna try to get a little bit of work done this morning on my biz, and then chill out and watch The Only Sport That Really Matters® this afternoon, I hope.  Ya' know, this is the first Saturday of the season I will actually be able to watch a full slate.  And, wouldn't you know it?  My beloved LSU Tigers play McNeese tonight.

McNeese.  Sigh...

The way things shook out this season, our cream puff games come mid-season instead of up front like most teams do.  Of course, most teams play cream puffs all season long...but I'll just let that rest for now.

So, I'm looking down through my list of undefeated teams (5-0, or 6-0), trying to figure out which team is most likely to end the day with their streak snapped.  And, I can only come up with a couple of possibilities.  It certainly will not be LSU, or Oregon, or Oklahoma, or Michigan State, or Nebraska (who I personally believe might be the best team in the nation at this point).

The Oklahoma State game against TT is a possibility.  The Ohio State matchup @ Wisconsin is another.  And, the SEC rumble between the Hawgz @ Auburn is definitely one that could erase the 0 from the right hand column.

In fact, I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that Ohio State will fall to The Badgers in Madison.  Ohio State has not played anyone that currently lives in the Top 25, and the mock BCS release has them ranked fifth (because they ain't played nobody yet).  So, I'm calling an upset...if you could really call it that.  Interesting factoid.  Wisconsin is 40-4 at home over the last 6 seasons.  That's strong, I don't care who you are.

I can't call an Auburn loss.  While I do think Auburn may be over rated, and that Arkansas has a very fine, explosive football team, it is well known that Auburn cheats big-time at Jordan-Hare, and they get away with it, too.  The Hawgz may prevail if they bring their A Game, and their Rhino skin.  They're gonna have to stay calm, cool, and collected when Auburn starts holding, and biting, and poking people in the eye, and piling on, and hitting late out of bounds like they always do.  This is definitely the best match-up available I'll be lookin' at it.

Okie State is not very good for an undefeated team.  With squeaker wins over Troy, and The Aggies, they're just barely there.  Okay...I'll go ahead and call a loss @ Lubbock.  Maybe 3 points.

So, that's all I've got.

See, I'm not mad anymore.  Just kinda' tired, and buzzed feeling.  Y'all enjoy the games!  I hope your team wins...unless your team is USC, or Ohio State, or Ole Miss...speaking of...'Bama will get healthy today, and score 420 points against the smiley bears.  They will rush for 720 yards in the first half, and Nutt will flip a coin at halftime to decide whether to come back out on the field, or forfeit.

Before I wrap this up, let's talk about LSU for uno momento.  I've been raggin' on my Tigers...I think WAY too much.  Everybody in the LSU fandom blogosphere has been referring to Corch Miles as "Lucky Les."  And, sure enough the chips have fallen our way a time or two.

But, I think we are improving.  I was able to watch the last half of the Flarda game, and we're pretty dang good.  The media played it up as another last second win for "Lucky Les."  But honestly, looking at the stats, I'd say it was "Lucky Urban."  Florida was lucky that they did not get beat by three touchdowns, and suffer another humiliating loss like St. Nick & the boys handed them, two weeks hand runnin'.

In fact, I did some cipherin' this morning.  LSU has won 6 games against opponents with a combined 20-8 record (excluding their LSU loss).  I did not take the time to look at every undefeated team, and check their opponents records.  But, I'd be surprised if any team could top that.  We've definitely got a ways to go.  But, we're headed in the right direction.

So, that's all I've got.  (Didn't I already say that?)


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  2. Thanks Anonymous! Where is it? I'm interested in a lot of themes. Do you have one with belly button lint sculptures...maybe even step by step directions?

  3. Anon, do you have to blow up the theme in order to enjoy it?
    Andy, after LSU beats McNeese today we will be 7-0. First time since 1973 we have started a season 7-0.
    All hail the mad hatter!

  4. Let me clarify that so the ATF doesn't raid Andy's Place. Is the theme inflatable, do you have to inflate it in order to enjoy it?

  5. I'm glad you're feelin' better, Andy.

  6. Andy as I haven't had much time to blog as of late, I didn't know you was sick. Hope you get to feeling better. The pic of Paul Bear Bryant always reminds me of a sign up near Fordyce Ar that says something to the effect of it being where he came from and I am also reminded that Johnny Cash came from the same area. And then LSU, I keep waiting for the bomb, excuse me, rapidly expanding destructive device, to hit at the end of the game eventually. Seems like while watching this year, it is best to have a good supply of Xanax on hand. But they are undefeated at this moment, though their wins have not been pretty. Have a good football day.

  7. Anon -- a theme. Is that anything like thyme? If so, I have some recipes I can share.

    I seem to recall someone's earlier prediction that 'Bama would steamroll itself to the BCS championship. Thtat being the case, perhaps Nebraska is now done for.

    And, thinking about the previous post, I will share my latest comment from my place about the Ole Miss "situation" -- looking at the totality of this thread, and considering that the word "bear" is too similar to "bare," a word to which young children should not be exposed for obvious reasons, the University of Mississippi should henceforth be known as "Age-indeterminate Ms. Rebellious Metrosexual African-American Ursas." Problem solved.

    Glad you're feeling better! And sorry about the McNeese thing. Really sorry.

    And I'm sporting my Woo Pig Soooie gear!


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