Friday, October 15, 2010

When did my nation become a country filled with "titty babies?"

Perhaps it is because I am ill today, but I am in ONE FOUL MOOD!

Yes, I do get sick about once per decade.  And on those occasions, I am one foul bastid, and am a huge titty baby about it all.  This is such a day.  I'm not sure I've mentioned it yet today, but I am sick.

As a dog.

As a dog with rabies, fleas, hepatopis, and feline leukemia. 

So, since I'm sick I figured I'd just chill out, and do as much of nothing as possible.  There is nothing to compare with "as much of nothing" as reading junk on the computer.

So, let's start at the top.  You would not believe that a blog with only 14 regular readers could get so much hate mail over one single post.  ONE.  STINKIN'.  POST!!!  Yep, the Nancy Pelosi is a WHORE post gave me grief all day.  I'm just gonna assume here that the point of the post was not well made...not that our beloved readers didn't "catch it."

So, I will try to be mo' clearer.  The purnt of the post is that I found it hilarious that Sean Hannity spent so much of his air time railing on and on about how some retard that works for a Moonbat had called Meg Whitman a HO.  I mean, seriously...

The fact that Moonbat Brown's empluree called Whitman a HO...and that the National Organization of Lebesians took offense to it is just hilarious to me.  Seriously, it is.  Jeepers, when did our nation become the land of the idiots, and home of the perpetually offended?

I have gotten computer letters like "Andy, that is your worst work yet.  You should be ashamed for calling a woman a whore.  I thought you were a sensitive guy, and a Christian.  Jesus wouldn't do that! yada yada yada..."   Well, Catherine J., bite me!  If you are so thin-skinned, and too ignurnt to understand the purnt, well, bite me!

The point is that one puny little blogger calling Nancy Pelosi a WHORE, or Mary Landrieu a WHORE does not make it true.  It does not make it any more true for a California imbecile to call Meg Whitman one, either.  And the further point is/was that people who step in to the arena of politics, religion, the arts, biniss, show biniss...really anything at a high profile level, had better have several layers of epidermis they are willing to sacrifice...or they're gonna look like titty babies.

I mean, if you're gonna seek the office of The Leader of The Free World (or, what's left of it), you dang sure better not chastise some reporter for mentioning how big your ears are, or that you can not produce a birth certificate, etc.  I mean, nobody like that would ever get elected.  Oh wait!  I forgot that I live in a nation filled with titty babies.  I GUESS  it could could happen.

Jeez Louise!  I am so sick and tired of people wearing their feelings on their sleeves.  Heck, I got another computer letter from one Marcy D.  It was all like, "You don't now anybody in NOW.  We are not all lesbians, and your characterization of us as such is offensive."  Now, I will give Marcy D. some credit.  She is right, I do not know anybody in NOW.  I mean, there are only 14 members, so I can't beat myself up too bad about that, though.  And,  hers was the first complaint e-mail I have read in a good long while that was written by someone with good writing skills.  All of the words were spelled correctly, and the punctuation was perfect.

So, Marcy D.GROW A SET!  Jeepers, chick!  You will not last long in that organization as a straight gal if you continue to be so prim and proper.  You must learn how to be more forceful...change your own tires...wear a flat top, okay?  I mean, there are 13 other members counting on you.  Do your part!  Do it for the cause!

Crap...I get so sick of people that can't take ANYTHING without getting their precious feelings hurt.  Waaaa!  Waaaa!  Waaaa!  You hurt my feelings!  You called somebody a name.

Well, let's talk about name calling.  How about calling somebody a nigger?

funny animated gif

Naw...let's get mo' better on our racist tendencies here at Andy's Place!  We can surely do better than that!

See, I told ya'!  (I've been saving that one since The Mayor sent it to me months ago for just such an occasion).

Jeepers, y'all think about it.  The continually offended negro folks in this country are the children of folks that faced REAL hardship.  I mean, their parents and grandparents truly suffered.  I mean, they got mowed down by Bull Conner's water hoses, couldn't use public toilets, nor drink from the same water fountains as Whitey (to quote Michelle ObozO).  It is likely that a Grandpa, or two of these continually offended negroes got lynched!  Maybe a couple at the hands of Robert Byrd!

  Jeez Louise (once again).  Their movement has been reduced to a bunch of folks that get mad at Hallmarks because some friggin' greeting card that talks to you has some imagined phrase in there that pisses the niggers off?  Because...what was it "HO?"  MAYBE?  "That's a halfway quote from Chris Rock...who is a nigger, and uses that term regularly.  Just sayin'...)

So, if Miranda G. must take her time to write, "...and you are a racist thit spuws racizm.  u r a detrumit to r societee,"  well then Miranda G....

Bite me!  In fact, you can kiss my rosy red hiney in Macy's window (Nyuk!  She'll never figure that one out.  Trust me, she won't.). 

And to top it all off, I get a follow-up comment on an old post at another glob where I used the term "wetback" to describe undocumented citizens that just happened to either swim the Rio Grande, or cut through the fence (what little there is of it).  WETBACK!  WETBACK!  WETBACK!!!

Crud!  Why do all these people have to bother me when I'm sick?  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I'm sick.  As a dog.  And, pissy to boot because of it.  Waaaa...Waaaa...Waaaa...

Dude MUST post anonymously because he has zero balls.  Yet, she calls me out, saying, "...Calling someone a "wetback" doesn't help things, either. That's as disgusting as the ad and says a lot about that poster."  Well, anon, you are a titty baby!  I use the term "wetback" with zero shame.  President Eisenhower used it (Jeepers, why am I even wasting my time?  I'm sure that the pussy does not even know we had a President before ObozO...).  

As I continue to waste my time here...

I actually live in a 'hood with negroes, and wetbacks.  I ACTUALLY co-exist, and do just fine with my different colored neighbors.  Many are friends...some are just acquaintances.  But, I DO live amongst them.  So, keep your lecturing to yourself...TITTY BABIES!!!

I swear...I am glad my Papaw, and Granddaddy have passed on to heaven now.   As much as I miss them, I am thrilled that they did not have to witness what their beloved nation has deteriorated to.


I am not in the habit of defending myself, so this is quite uncomfortable.  But, just because you have an internet connect, and an e-mail better angels just took over, and I will not continue.

And, oh yeah, The Gooble Is Wrong!  I haven't reminded y'all about that lately, and I don't want none of y'all to ever forget it.


  1. By the way, it was Moonbeam's WIFE that called Whitman a whore.

  2. Someone needs a good shot of Nyquil... ;-)

  3. Sometimes you gotta kick a little...

  4. Jim, I do indeed feel better now.

    Dave, no doubt. I konked out about 10 minutes after posting this drivel.

    Paul, yeah, I didn't get the whole story straight. I really didn't know Brown was married, but at least he's married to a woman that's not afraid to say HO...haven't followed the story much.

    Nancy, thank God you did not send me a complaint e-mail. I would have given up blogging, if you had been on that list.

  5. You're repeated rejoinder to "eat me" reminded me of this. These lyrics are great!

  6. Nyuk! That was funny, Steamboat.

  7. You know, Andy. Sometimes it's better for your overall health just to let it all out instead of internalizing everything.

    This was almost as good as Clark's rant in Christmas Vacation!


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