Friday, October 8, 2010

We continue to serve searchers...


Honestly, this is getting kind of old.  I mean, this little Titanic of a blog is here to serve mankind and all.  But, when you see page, after page, after stinkin' page of visitor results like this, it makes you want to pull that stinkin' post with that stinkin' picture that brings hundreds...nay, tens of hundreds of visits every stinkin' day.

(Click on it, and see what I have to deal with.  15 out of 20...and it's like, after stinkin' page!)

Well, at least it is a flattering picture of the old broad.


  1. Oh yeah, Moogie! About 20 hits per day for the Wampus Cat history and image.

    Truth is, as ferocious as the Wampus Cat looks, Helen looks much scarier.

  2. I don't understand why anyone would search out Helen Thomas.

    Is there something going on with ... "well it feels good when I stop beating my head on the wall?" .. sort of thing?

    marc in calgary

  3. Marc, you make an interesting point. But, I can relay this experience.

    Evidently, at one time I was searching out Helen Thomas, and found that picture that continues to haunt me with visitors. So, YES! It did feel good when I stopped beating my head against the wall.

    But, now I'm reminded of it when I check the Sitemeter visitor stats.

    I think I'm gonna pull that post...

  4. Damn it Andy! You better be glad I ate my supper before I opened the picture.

    You can use that picture for you Halloween issue of this blog.

  5. It sounds like Medusa. Don't look at Helen Thomas again or you'll turn to stone.

    ... and don't look for any images of Brett Favre for the next few days, or emails promising you exclusive fotos of things that may belong to Brett Favre.

    marc in calgary

  6. G.R., you should know by now to proceed at your own risk here on The Titanic. You're a big boy, so you're on your own. But, I'm glad you got your supper down first. Now, keeping it down will be the trick.

    Marc, I PROMISE that I will not search for any images of Brett's junk, not click any computer letter links promising such things. TD's got that all covered, and I don't want to invade his space.

  7. Thank you for your service, Andy. ;-)


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