Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Early morning blogging...


So, at 0125 The Mrs. phone began to make noise, rousing us both from the sleep of the dead.  I'm a light sleeper, and she sleeps like a stone. 

But it woke her.  With so much going on in the fambly I'm thinkin', "This can NOT be good."

But, it ain't bad.  My nephew's young wife (who we just LOVE) had gone into labor.  Pam has kinda' adopted her as a daughter figure (even though she has a good Mom & my sis is a good M-I-L, too), and wanted to be there for the birth.  She loves this kind of junk.  She's been in more delivery rooms than a few OB/Gyns, and watches the "Having a Baby Channel" just for fun, too!

So, around 0140 she left for the hospital.  I tossed and turned until roughly 0221 (roughly) before rising.

Dang, I hate it when that happens...

But, I needed to get up and get some junk done anyway on my own biniss before I head to work at the hospital this afternoon.


So, I'm getting caught up on neglected blog buddies, and reading about how everybody's Christmas went, and how retarded Al Gore is, and just how bad ObozO sucks, and how we're all screwed big-time. 

Hey, lookie here...

I was over at Pseudonym's joint leaving a comment.  And, according to The Blogger, it is the blogiest comment I've ever left.

See, I told ya'!

BTW, Pseudo's on vacation from globbing, but he's got a little New Year's Wish for y'all.

Let's see...what else we got?

Oh, I have learned how to text.  Really, I have.  I've been texting back and forth with The Mrs. for a couple of hours now, getting the play by play.  Niece-in-law says this baby is "kickin' her butt."  I texted The Mrs. that "It's all nephew's fault.  Smack him around!"

She texted back "He's asleep."


Let's see what else...Oh yeah, I watched the Independence Bowl last night.  Small crowd, and boring game.  It ain't the same since we lost our SEC entry.  But, I was pulling for the Air Force, and they won.  Even if it was a boring game, and a small crowd.

Have I mentioned that the Indy Bowl just ain't the same without an SEC team?

Seems like I had something else I was gonna tell y'all about.

I guess not.

Well, y'all have a good day.  I gotta go work on some of my biz before I go to work for the man.  Niece-in-law is having the baby at the hospital where I work.  I go in at 1400, so I hope she's grunted that rascal out by then.  

Man, this was a boring blog post, huh?  No?  

Well, "Thanks!"

Oh yeah, I remember now.

Some redneck architect has got his nickers in a knot trying to make everybody come up with their favorite personal posts for his big year-end roundup.  And honestly, I can't decide which of my posts from 2010 sucks the least.  But, he's not gonna give none of us any rest until we come up with sumpin'.

So, if y'all can think of one you really enjoyed, please describe it in the comments, and I'll try to look it up and throw it to Two Dogs, so he'll quit barking.

Now, I'm done.  Y'all have a blessed day in The Lord, okay?


  1. Better for Daddy-to-be to be napping during labor than flirting with the nurses. I'm just sayin'...

  2. I like all the "quarterbackin'" posts, and the posts that you are building something, or remodeling something, or you know, being a handy dude. And any post about Sadie is always good!

  3. Oh, I dunno...some of my best work comes around 0230 in the mo'. Also, some of my worst.

    I think I just said there's no diff betwixt one er da uddah.

    I just know I won't waste time asking Lee Ermley his thoughts on it. Unless, of course, the jackwagon comes fully laden with high spirits ;)

  4. I hate to tell you this Andy, but the wheels are gonna fall off 'round 14:00! Mine always do when I'm awake at that time of the day.
    Hope Momma and Baby are doing well.

  5. Even if it was a boring game

    You must not have watched the last two minutes. I was worried up until that last-second pick.

    Delivery rooms. I'd rather NOT, thank ya very much. I prefer the ol' "pace the waiting room floor, smoke yerself to death" mode of new fatherhood. "Being there" is part of the world-wide feminist plot, and one of their greatest successes. There are just some things man isn't SUPPOSED to know. Or see.

    That said, I was in attendance for SN3's arrival, under pain o' death or worse. I still haven't recovered from the trauma.


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