Sunday, June 5, 2011



Hey y'all!  Hope y'all are as warm and happy as I'm iz today!  I'm lovin' it!

Today's episode of  "Name That Tune/Film/Whatever" features one of my favorite films in the history of history.  

Just in case y'all forgot how we play this little game, I give y'all a few clues to what film/tune/whatever it is, and then I give you a line from it.  Then you get to search your remembry to see if you've got it up in there. 

Let's be about it.

1)  This will be REAL easy for some of y'all, but much harder for others.

2)  This film is available from The Netflix® only on DVD at present, but it will be available for streaming on July 1st of this year (Dang!  That's pretty soon, too.)  But, it does not matter, because I have it on a DVD which I own.

3)  This film was filmed the year before I was born (that's a trick question, so you gotta know what year God blessed the planet with ME in order to figure out what year it was filmed).

4)  The Mrs. bought five copies of the DVD two Christmases ago and gave them to ME, Dean, Ross, Phil, and Granddad, because we all love to look at it.  In fact, me and the boys looked at it so many times on VHS that we can quote every line backwards & forwards.  But, the VHS tape finally wore out, and we were apoplectic until The Mrs. bought it for us all on DVD.

She's a wonderful Mrs.

5)  There are two people in this film that went on to become one of the most beloved television pairs in the history of television.  (I'll give you a "cheat."  One of the two starred in the film...the other just played a minor role.)

6)  (I'll probably completely give it away with this clue, but y'all probably need more info to make an informed guess.)  When this line is said, the hero of the picture is on an aeroplane.

Here we go:  "...tell Will that if he turns the plane around, King will give him his watch."


  1. Did they make "talkies" back then or was this a silent movie?

  2. Funny, Lou! Reeeeeel funny. As a matter of fact, you'll have to fill me in on that one, seeing as SOMEBODY got planted here before me.

    Just sayin'...

    Yep, it's talkie. But, it is in black & white.

  3. I can name that film in three notes.

  4. Staci, you and I MUST be kin. Imma gonna take up geneology, and find out.

    Funny, Dave! Reeeeeel funny. But, I can not rag on you for being older than I'm is. Like I can on Lou.

  5. Believe it or not, I never watched that whole movie. I did read the book, though. And watched the TV show, though it didn't run for very long.

    Ben did make to the Infantry at the end, didn't he?


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