Sunday, June 5, 2011

So, I wonder what The Mrs. has on her mind. Hmmmm...


I got home from work this afternoon at about 1445 HRS (that's about 2:45 pm for all y'all non-military time types).  

I was really glad to be home.


I had wore myself slap out yesterday working in the yard in the the baking heat.  I mean, watching The Mrs. swing that Weedeater for four hours really sapped it out of me.  So, it was a struggle to get through the morning at work.  But, I persevered, and got it did.

When I made it back to the barn, I walked up the side porch, and in to the kitchen.  I could smell some fabulous smells.  

I looked, and there were purple hull peas simmering on the stove.  There were also some Au Gratin' taters ready for the oven.  And, there was a big bowl of buttermilk cornbread liquidy stuff just ready for dropping in the hot oil that was heating up on another burner of the stove.

Man!  I love coming home to stuff like that.  I just love it when The Mrs. goes out of her way to do nice things like that.  She has her special feminine way of letting me know how much she loves me, and how special I am to her.

I just love that.

Really, I do.

Everything smelled so good, and the kitchen was so well laid out with preparations and all that I barely noticed what was on the kitchen table.  

But, after a minute or two I saw it, and did a double-take!


I think I'm gonna catch up with y'all tomorrow...


  1. I first looked at this in the car and the light was so bad I couldn't make out what was in the pic. You never mentioned that Mrs. Andy is a fruit and veggie sculptor! Impressive portraiture?


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