Monday, January 2, 2012

Andy's 2012 Resolution


I know that January 2 is an odd time to make a resolution.  But, circumstances being what they are, I didn't think I'd make resolutions, because I suck at keeping them.

Anyway, I'm making ONE New Year Resolution!

1)  RESOLVED!  To keep shaving EVERY day of 2012, and to answer EVERY e-mail that somebody sends me.

I swear, I shaved almost every day in 2011 (that was a 2011 resolution that I was bound and determined to keep...but I missed about 9 Remington MicroScreen Mornings).  And, I've got about 17 e-mails (one dating back to late October) that I've been planning on answering.

I suck.

I will DEFINITELY answer EVERY e-mail in 2012.  Even if it's just a "Hey, I got it!  Hey, Thanks for the peace angel deal!  Hey, Thanks for that joke I've told since I was 7 years old.  Hey, Thanks for telling me your baby-sitter has a cold, and needs prayer...I'll be sure and pray for him.  Hey,.."   

...well, you get the idea.

I'm going to answer EVERY e-mail.  And shave every day in 2012.

Beats the heck out of a treadmill...I mean, look what it did to that chick!


  1. Dude, is that photo really you?

    I am going to pen a resolution post soon, very soon.

  2. TD, I shall be waiting with baited breath.


    BTW, that is my sister.

  3. No wonder you are so skinny, your sister stole all the poke chops.

  4. Nyuk!

    That ain't really my sister, TD.

    Big Sis is a gorgeous 55 year-old that would make you drool.

    Just thought I'd better clarify that...

  5. I suspected that, I just wanted to see you crawfish.

    And you did.

  6. I'm not in the market for a treadmill... but if I WAS I'd want the model that woman is using. That's a tough-ass machine.

  7. I am going to have to disagree with Buck, that machine obviously does not work on asses.

    (But, I snorted when I read that comment.)

  8. I want to see the "after" photo cause I'm sure that machine suffered an untimely death.

  9. I was hoping that was going to be a gif, one where she loses her footing and does a faceplant.

    Still though, it's pretty great.

    Heeeeyyyy, is that THE Paul Mitchell lurking about?

  10. Indeed it is Mayor.

    Hey send me a link to that .gif if you run across it.


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