Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hankerin' for what sounded like the Best Dang Cookie in the world!


Hey y'all! Since a couple of weeks before Christmas, I have had a powerful hankerin' for something I read about on The Facebook.  A friend of mine was talking about how her daughter had made the best dang cookies in the world.

They were Oreos baked inside chocolate chip cookies.

Now, does that sound sinful, or what?

I swear, I have not been able to get that off my mind...even with all the crap and sweets I ate over the holidays, I still wanted me some of those!  So, I took matters in to my own hands last night, and made me some.  I'm gonna show y'all how to do it, too!

Now, the first thing that I do when I bake cookies (or anything, really), is let my cold ingredients reach room temperature.  So, I started getting my stuff together, and set my eggs and shortening out on the counter top.  Now, you're just gonna use the recipe that is on the Nestle chocolate chip real trick to that...just do what it says.  But, it calls for butter or margarine. 

In my vast experience with baking, I've found that if you're gonna bake cookies, shortening is really better.  They come out mo' softer IMHO.  So, shortening it was.

Be sure and do exactly what it says on the chocolate chip package...I mean, like sifting your dry ingredients, and putting the eggs in at the right time. Do exactly what they say. Trust me...THEY KNOW.

You want to get your batter beat up real good, too...use a rubber scraper and run it backwards from the way your mixing bowl is turning.  Trust me, this'll help.

Now, I started thinking to myself (having never seen one of these fabled Oreo/Chocolate Chip cookies), that those were gonna be some jumboass cookies.  I couldn't quite wrap my brain around how to wrap the Oreos up in cookie dough.  So, I decided to make a big ol' cookie pie deal like they do at The Cookie Co. in the mall.  So, I greased me up a throw-away round pan, and went to spreading the dough out.

You use half of the dough...spread out.  A little tip would be this:  You want to use a spoon, and dip it in water first.  Just keep dipping the spoon in water, and it'll help you spread the dough out evenly.

Now, I do not know exactly how you want to do this, but I decided to break up the Oreo cookies, instead of smashin' 'em down whole.  So...break up some Oreos.

How many?

About this many.

Then distribute the Oreos evenly on the dough...

Spread the rest of the dough on top of 'em...being sure to use your wet spoon and all.

And  WALLA!  That bad boy is ready to pop in the oven!

Now, our oven runs a little hot, so instead of 375, I set mine on 365 for 20 minutes.


See?  Perfect!

What's the verdict?

Best dang cookie I think I've ever eaten!!!



Make you some!  DO IT!!!

(Special thanks go to The Mrs. for capturing these Kodak Moments!)


  1. I think that it is time for the Mayor to make a comment about the temperature of your kitchen.

    The wet spoon is a great tip, Homer.

  2. Partner, one thing I AM NOT going to be, if at all possible, is cold. I suffer. Literally.

    Make you some!

  3. Sure would like to try one of those cookies but since I'm determined to lose weight, I will not make them. Sure looks good.

  4. Jimbo, make you some!

    Kartman, that is silly. It is a proven fact that you burn more calories baking cookies than you take in eating them.

    It's me, it is.

  5. Fair enough Andy. You convinced me. Headed for the kitchen now.

  6. The cookies look awesome! The same cannot however be said for your plaid shirt/plaid apron combo.

  7. There ya' go, Kartman...that's the spirit! Burn them calories!

    Inno, what are you now, The Fashion Police, or something? Everybody knows that plaids are fine with plaids. You only look stupid if you mix plaids and stripes. Do I gotta learn you everything?

  8. When I saw all that plaid flannel and dungarees, I thought a lesbian had got loose in your kitchen. Then I realized their was no work boots and that it was just you.

  9. Jimbo, I know that it is VERY early in 2012. But, I think it's gonna be hard to top that one when we hand out "The Comment Of The Year Award."


    I WILL NOT TELL YOU what Pam said when she read that. She will have to tell you herself...

  10. Martha S. is more photogenic but I don't think she has ANYTHANG (else) on you when it comes to cookies. Well, she gets more style points... but that's it.

  11. I agree. Jim's comment should be #1 for the year.

  12. It was 70 degrees in Bossier City today....take off that coat!! :) Cookie looks great...might just have to try it! :)

  13. Jill, it has been unseasonably warm, but it was in the 60s in my kitchen at the time.

    A heavy coat is in order for Yours Truly any time it is below 70. ;)

  14. Oooooh! I like your variation on the recipe! I especially like that you crunched up the Oreos -- everyone knows that the fat and calories fall out of Oreos when they're broken. I think I may try your recipe for Mardi Gras guests (except I'll bump the temp up since our oven is asthmatic and must be constantly re-stimulated during the baking process. Kinda like the economy).

    I think I'll also modify your fashion statement. Mardi GRAS is colorful enough already.

  15. How did I miss this fine cookie recipe of course I'm using Moogie's broken cookie idea and leave the fat out.

    Jim's comment was really good , I'm still laughing at that one.:)

  16. My salivary glands are 'gasming just reading this post.


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