Thursday, February 23, 2012

Need some help! Again. "If a tree falls in the woods..."


Okay, I promised I wouldn't ask for help for a while, but I was mistaken.

We ALL know the old question "If a tree falls in the woods..."

(I will not finish it, because if you don't know the end of it then you are too ignurnt to hep.  Just sayin'...)

Honestly, I've always come down on the "negative" side of that question.  I mean, a tree falling in the woods does not really make a sound.  It makes sound waves, but without a tympanic membrane within range, it's really never a "sound."  Just my humble, expert opinion, and I am WAY up to be convinced otherwise.

I'm easily swayed.

Okay Sparky, here's the deal...  

The Mrs. is away from Andy's Place for a couple of days attending a funeral in Okieland with The Mrs.-in-Law.  So, #4 Son and I are bachin'.  

Here's the question. (Purely hypothetical, of course...)

"If a man doesn't shave for two days, and The Mrs. isn't around to notice it, and he shaves right before he knows she's getting home on Saturday...did he really not shave on Friday?"

(Just trying to plan my Friday, and don't want to break my 2012 Resolution.  Again.)

(You'll notice that there were NO LINKS to pitchers of naked fat chicks on this need for help blog post.  I have mended my ways.  Trust me.  I have.)


  1. Does she read your blog? If so, the question has already answered itself.

  2. Inno, she only reads it when I force her to.

    She says, "I get enough of you in real life!"

    But, sometimes I make her look at it when I've posted maybe a video I think she'd enjoy, or some pitchers/videos of Tucker, etc.

    So, I'm putting you down for a "NO!" Thanks a bazillion.

  3. I have mended my ways. Trust me. I have.

    You're stretching your credibility to the breaking point. I'll NEVER follow a link you post again. Ever. Unless Firefox tells me it's a credible source, of course. Thank The Deity At Hand for small gifts. Or large ones, as the case might be.

    As to the question at hand: whut Inno said.

  4. Plan A: Shave at your regular time on Saturday, not right before she is due home. She'll bust you for sure if you do that.
    Plan B: Say 'woman, I'm a grown man and I do what I want'.
    You choose.

  5. If you shave only to please your wife and she won't be home to care, do what you want. If you shave because you made a promise, then shave. Does son #4 know about this promise? If he does, then you need to set the example of doing what is right even when you are not being watched.

  6. So, Buck, I'm putting you down as a "NO."

    So, Jim, I'm putting you down as a "NO." (And co-conspirator)

    So, Lou, I'm putting you down as a "NO."

  7. Andy, I ain't been in that woods, much less heard (or didn't hear) that tree fall since 1975, which is the last time I shaved off my beard for 2 months.

    So, you askin' the wrong dude, but I'd say you better shave today AND tomorrow. Don't wanna be trickin' the Mrs. like that. Next thing you know, you'll be runnin' for governor of La.

  8. HEH! So, I'm putting you down for a "YES."


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