Friday, February 10, 2012

The new "Microsoft Paint" for Windows 7 sucks!!!


Editorial note:  This may not apply to any of our regular visitors, but I'm posting it anyway.  The Gooble Search© will find it, and help out thousands upon thousands of folks such as myself that truly HATE the version of "Paint" that accompanies Windows 7.

I use "Microsoft Paint" a lot.  Not every day, but often.  As y'all know, I got a new comprutuh, which runs Windows 7 instead of my familiar old XP.  No major objections...7 is way cool, and has lots of good junk I'm learning about.  But, I truly HATE the new p.o.s. "Paint" that Microsoft has come up with to run on Windows 7!!!  

The old XP Paint was clean, easy to use, and gave bitchin' results for even the most retarded amongst us.  I wanted my old "Paint" back.

Not surprisingly, while looking around for a solution, I discovered that there are multiple billions of others that share my confusion, disappointment, and curiosity as to how to get back the Old Paint that we know and love. (Well, not really multiple billions...but a bunch of folks).

There are downloads that you can get.  But to be honest, some of the warnings scared me...having a new comprutuh and all, I DO NOT want to get infected.  Sure, they are probably okay, but I've hung around the 'net long enough to know that if there is another way, I'd rather take it.

The best advice I found is exactly what I did.

Just go find any older machine running XP (The Mrs.' machine does).  Go in and use the "Search" function.  Search for "System32" on drive C:

  When you find that folder, open it.  Scroll down until you find "mspaint," or "mspaint.exe."  (The Mrs.' machine just showed "mspaint.")

Send that file to a thumb drive.  Put the thumb drive in your new computer that runs Windows 7.  Save MSPaint to any location from which you'd like to access it (I dropped it on the Desktop).


Works like a champ, too!

 That is all.  Don't bother to thank me.


  1. You have RC and Moon Pies? PUT ON YOUR HELMET I'M COMING OVER!

  2. Dangit, Andy. Don't you recognize progress when ya see it?

    Freakin' Luddites.

  3. Andy, I've gots me a stash to last til Jesus comes!

    Buck, believe me...I tried. I REALLY DID TRY to figure out the new Paint. It sucks.

    Sometimes older is better. Wine...Wimmens...MSPaint, etc.

  4. I do like Moon Pies. And of course a good old Rrrrah Cee. That looks like a really old bottle in the pic.

    I thought maybe at the end of this post you'd climb up in the saddle and ride old Paint off into the sunset. :-)

    Seriously, thanks for the warning. I have't used Paint yet but I've been thinking about giving it a try.

  5. Personally, I'm a big fan of NeoPaint:

    It's got a nice, intuitive interface like MS Paint, but it offers a lot more options as far as drawing lines and shapes, and using a variety of fonts.

    I guess it does fancy, Photoshoppy stuff, too, but I don't really mess with that.

    Free to download & try. Eventually they want you to pay them for it, though.

    I ended up doing just that, and quite happily so.

  6. Thanks Harvey. I'm checking it out right now.

  7. yes the ms paint contained within windows 7 is a true disaster and dissapointment! it looks like microsoft screwed up big time before they even released their bigger disappointing stuff (windows 8) which is gonna suck so bad that it wont sell...i wonder how the new laptops in the electronic outlets will run windows scares the heck out of me to the fullest :|

  8. iv'e gotten used to it...

  9. Damn! I wish this would work, as I hate the new Paint as well. Whenever I save the file to my flash drive and open it on my laptop, it says that it's unable to create new document. (it's saved in Windows 7 compatibility from a Windows Vista version of Paint)

  10. THANK YOU! I'm a graphic designer and I use the old version of MS Paint all the time. What's great about it is that it's so simple; but some dink at Microsoft decided to screw with it by "updating" the program & now the new Windows 7 version just doesn't perform the simple tasks I need it to. I've been wondering how to get the old version back and am glad to have found a way.


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