Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank God, The Super Bowl is over!!!


Now my Sitemeter can take a rest from all the thousands of folks (that obviously need a "life") who want to know if Eli Manning is a Christian (or what flavor of Christian).

Whew!  They almost blew the virtual lid on this little corner of the blogosphere with their retarded curiosity.

But, Andy's Place survived, and now we've gotten back to our TRUE PURPOSE in the virtual world.

Click it.

Now things are back to normal, and all is right with the world!


  1. Old male stripper huh? Wonder where that came from? Wonder if they're willing to pay an old male stripper? Just curious.

  2. Jimbo, I think you probably KNOW where that one came from.

    I get several visits a day from folks searching for that. If memory serves, in the comments, you identified yourself as "Laddie Palmetto."

    I think the funniest one was Staci's "stripper stage name."

    Sparky Dirt Road! I still guffaw every time I think about it.

    I am easily amused.


    As to your question about public willingness to pay for old male strippers...well, I haven't had much luck raking up business.

    Just sayin'...

  3. Wait. Aren't "ugly redneck pictures" and "lsu girls" supremely redundant? One would THINK so.

  4. Buck, I'm ignoring that.

    Just in case you're wondering what post keeps 'em coming back...(And many times a day, BTW)

    Well, it's richeere!

  5. Wow, old comments come back to haunt!


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