Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am too dang old to be moving a peeanur by myself!


Okay, so it started like this...

The Mrs. wanted some new furniture for the Living Room at Andy's Place.  She wanted a new sofa, and loveseat (we never had a loveseat in there...only a small sofa).  Now, you gotta understand that the Living Room at Andy's Place is not all that big. 

Nope!  It's only 14' x 20'.  So, there's not a lot of room for furniture.

Add to that the fact that when The Boyz come over to visit with their friends, they NEVER congregate in the Living Room.  Nope!  They always cluster up in The Kitchen, where The Mrs. is cooking.  I swear, it's like a swarm of buzzards on a roadkill polecat! 

It's always been that way.  Year after year...all of the congregational HEE HAWIN' takes place in the kitchen.  I mean...Junior High Schoolers, through High Schoolers, through Graduated from Schoolers by the dozens end up sitting on the kitchen counter, leaning up against cabinets, sitting on the floor...


It's like a young peoples RULE, or something!!!

Anyway, The Mrs. decided that she wanted to "create a space" for visitors that was somewhere detached from her that she could get her work done without having to constantly say, "Nick, get out of my way!'re in my way!  Matt...either get out of my way, or open that cabinet and hand me the thyme!  ETC...

So, she decided to buy some furniture.  (Like that's gonna work...)

Just sayin'...

Regardless, she did. 

So...all of the other old junk we had in the Living Room at Andy's Place had to be moved around/shifted/throwed out/given away/etc.  But, not so much throwing out, or given away.

Mostly moving.

The furniture delivery guys came yesterday and delivered the new sofa and loveseat.  But...junk had to be moved around last night to accommodate this furniture that might "make everyone feel comfortable, and decide to congregate in a room other than the kitchen."

The biggest conundrum in the deal was the peeanur.  (I'll save that for later).

Here is what we came up with.

That there is the new sofa (with a chaise dealie attached on the far right...hope it's not too ghetto, but I REALLY liked the idea of that), and the new loveseat.  Along with that, you'll see my trusty old dark green recliner, which has seen me through many Autumn Sattidy afternoons while watching THE ONLY SPORT THAT REALLY MATTERS!©

Actually, I kinda (really) like it.  But, y'all don't tell The Mrs. I do, because I'm still trying to bluff her on this whole deal.

Anway...the old Captain's Table, that came from The Mrs. Grandma's house, that previously sat in the Living Room had to be removed to make room for NEW FURNITURE.  And, the peeanur had to get set somewhere else.  Moving the Captain's problema! Set it in the dining room to use to hold casseroles, or desserts, and junk.

But that peeanur?  Dang, that thing is heavy!  We She decided to put it on the backside of the new sofa.  Now, it's only about twelve feet from where it once sat to where it needed to get moved to.  But, with furniture everywhere in our small Living Room, I kinda felt like one of those punt return receivers that run 172 yards switching back and forth, and finally end up with a 13 yard return.

The dang thing is HEAVY!

Sure...just looking at this picture, it looks it don't weigh anything.  But, the dang thing is not cheap Chink stuff like is available now.  It was bought by my now departed Father-in-Law in 1965 for his beloved daughter (The Mrs.).  She only rarely plays it (even though she's dang good at it), but #1 son is a virtuoso on the thing, and he'll be back for a visit in May when his deployment to Africanistan is over...God, that boy man can fill this house with music!  Seriously.  It is made of solid lead maple, and weighs (according to the internet...which does not lie...weighs 1493 lbs)!  But, I moved it anyway.  Step by step...inch by inch...


I am too dang old to be moving a peeanur by myself.  I woke up this morning, and could barely scratch my (well...never mind).

But, I shall survive.  And, we got it did.  The Mrs. is happy.

I'm happy.

Life is good.

Tomorrow is gonna REALLY suck, because I know that the second day is always the worst.

The Mrs. did a lot of cleaning out and throwing away of unnecessary junk, shifting junk around, Swiffering under furniture that hadn't been moved in years, etc. in order to create a comfortable space for fambly & guests.

But, I take solace in the fact that The Mrs. did NOT get rid of the most important thing in the Living Room.  It'll be the only thing I REALLY NEED come next Fall when I actually start using the room again.

I love y'all! Y'all come see us!

We got plenty of seats for butts now...


  1. Looks nice Andy. I can tell that Mrs. Andy picked it out because, well, refer to sentence #1.
    Seriously, really looks nice and comfortable. Good job.

  2. Dang it, was signed into wrong Google account.

  3. Inno, it truly does look "comfy." I am sure I will find out for myself when I actually start using the Living Room. In September, when real life starts back up.'ve made your life too complicated by having too many Gooble accounts.

    Come see us. Hey man...I hear that LA Tech opens up their season against the miserable stinkin' fAggies of A&M here in SHV this season.

    You wanna go?

    I'll get us some tickets. Really, I will!

  4. Your blog is really amazing with all the bits and pieces of information I can share with my friends and followers. Thanks and more power!

  5. I like it. We've been doing some movin' and cleanin' around here, too.

    In the design of our house, it was important to me to put the living room and kitchen together as one big room, because I hate to be separated from everyone else while I'm cooking. Yet, like you said, people congregate in the kitchen. Now I have this big-ass space, but they still all come stand around the kitchen island. I can see that I will have to speak softly and carry a big spoon.

  6. Good looking room and you are too old to be moving furniture.

  7. The BEST parties (and other stuff) always wind up in the kitchen. I learned that rule early on.

    As for the living room... what the others said. The Mrs. done good.

    As for your poor ol' body... well, you said it. You're too old. ;-)

  8. Well, I am honored that the Carpet Dude from Portland just LOVES this blog. Truly, I AM! I was wondering when he was gonna get around to LOVING MY BLOG, WITH ALL THIS AMAZING BITS AND PIECES OF INFORMATION!

    The dude is correck. I started to delete his comment, but it feels good to get bragged on for all my amazing bits and pieces of information.

    Lou...we're stuck with the design of a 1948 built house. No way to open it all up. I'm sure the furniture won't shift HEE HAWIN' humanity from the KITCHEN to the Living Room, but The Mrs. thought it was worf a shot.

    Kartman, indeed I am.

    Buck, indeed I am. And, TODAY was a REALLY BAD DAY to be suffering the "second day peeanur movin' blues."


  9. The room looks great! Your Mrs. is amazing. And I have a piano that needs moving, too...since you've already had the practice?


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