Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Catch this one, and winz you a prize!


Hey y'all!  I have decided to start a new feature here at Andy's Place (I've done some demographic polling & junk, and I think this will be a hit...until I quit doing it in probably about four days, like I quit doing most features).

We're calling this one, "Catch this one, and winz you a prize!"  The prize will be something extremely valuable, though it is not yet determined.  It will likely be the same prize we awarded to winners of Name that tune/film/person/whatever.  So, y'all know what y'all have to look forward to.

So, let me explain the rules of this one.

1)  I will give y'all a quote.  

2)  Y'all will not GoobleCheat, and will delve deep in to your own cranium to try to remember (or figure out what in the hell I'm talking about) who said it, and why.

c)  Y'all will leave in the comments your best explanation of things.

d)  I will award the prize in a linky deal in the comments.  I will award the prize on a separate blog post that will follow each episode of  "Catch this one, and winz you a prize!"

So, let's start out with a reeeeeeeeel easy one.  (BTW, you can get an extra dose of the prize if you can tell me WHERE each event took place...naming the location as a bonus will be good for the entire run of this feature, which will probably be about four days).

Okay...the quote:  

(Remember, I told y'all it would be easy)


Good luck, y'all!


  1. Roberto Duran fight? Sugar Ray fight?

  2. There is not a possible way that this is this easy. If it is, I hope the prize is one million dollars.

  3. TD...you winz you the prize!!! You didn't double down with the location, but Moogie probably will when she weighs in.

    Your prize is soon to come.

    As far as it being "easy," this will be the easiest of them all. I figured it to be a "no brainer." I'll bet Lisa Pence could have answered it.

  4. That's mean about Lisa.

    If this is the way it is going to go, I am gonna be RICH!!!

  5. Lisa deserves it. She's even dumb enough to know this one.

    Trust me, it'll get tougher.


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