Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The second day of the "working" part of my "Vacation" went really good! I'm iz a "Lectwishun!!!"


Several years ago, I got interested in wood-working.  Really, I did.  I got pretty good at taking old furniture and junk...rehabing it, and making it useful for modern use.  I have a nice big shop in the back yard, which I cleaned out real good, set up my table saw, drills, etc.  I worked on old stuff, sanded, stained, gooped up with varnish...etc.  

It was pretty cool, and very therapeutic in many ways.

But...about 4 years ago a big ol' storm came through NW Louisiana, and a GYNORMOUS Pecan tree limb came down from one of our Pecan trees.  

I always knew that it would.  

I don't know how many times I told The Mrs., "Sweetheart, one of these days that big ol' Pecan tree limb is gonna turn loose, and it's gonna fall and take out the power to my shop."  Well, it finally did (roughly 4 years ago).  

So, I had NO power to the shop for (roughly) four years.  

Since I had "vacation" time, I decided to clean the old rat-infested, crap sittin'-everywhere shop.  

Don't've probably had one like that yourself.

So, I did.

And, I had been planning for (roughly) four years to string me some Romex back to the shop so I could have power back there.  The power for the shop fed overhead from our garage apartment.  And, that damned old pecan limb took it out (roughly four years ago)!  (I'd been planning on running some new Romex.  Really, I had). was the day it got did.  When the Pecan limb came down, it pulled out insulators, and 40-somethin' year old Romex, and nails, and conduit.  Honestly, I just took my 'Lectwishun pliers, and cut all the junk loose.

I was gonna get to it.  And, I did!  Today!

Power is back on to the "shop."  I went to The Lowes this morning (That is a loooooooooong story, that I will not relate, because I do not want to get my blood pressure up.  Again.), and got me some 12-2 w/ground UF wire, some insulators, and got 'er back up and running.

I'm iz a "Lectwishun!

I might make y'all some furniture as a gift, or something, now that I've got power back in my wood-working shop, and my junk will all work back there, and I put about 24 D-Con rat baits out in there, so as to kill all the friggin' rats!

Probably not.  But, if you need something built, you can let me know and I'll see what I can due/dew/do/whatever.

And, I'm feeling pretty good about this post, because The Lowes didn't get cussed out...due to the fact that I'm feeling pretty Christian after getting power back to my shop after (roughly) four years.

I used UF wire, too.  It's gray in color, and suitable for outdoor usage.

Just sayin'....


  1. Cool. Did you say 50' x 14'?

    [stifling jealousy]

  2. What has happened to make businesses forget customer service? Lowes is almost as bad as Wal-Mart.

  3. Inno...YEP!

    Kartman, I don't know. I have NEVER had a bad experience at The Lowes until today. I mean, I came to trust The Lowes on on Airline Dr. I've passed by the HD often just to get to the place I knew I'd get some good help on projeks.



    It was like a Three Ring Circus of clowns that sent me from one end of the store to the other looking for something they didn't have. And, there was this black guy about my age that works there. He got so pissed off while trying to help me (and, he really WAS trying to help me). He called a guy on his cell phone...and when the other guy answered he had a badass look on his face...

    He yelled out loud (and on purpose), "Don't answer your phone like that! You work for LOWES!" The gentleman roundly chastised whoever it was he called on his phone, and told him to get his sorry ass over to Aisle 14 (my words, not his).

    When the cat showed up, he seemed all pissed off that he'd been bothered by the black gentleman (the guy that was REALLY trying to help me). He was a white guy.

    White folks sometimes have no clue...

    And, there was this black kid in the garden center that waltzed around with me for at least 15 minutes trying to find something that they don't have. He was real nice.

    We had a good visit about many things. He's a "talker."

    Takes one to know one, I guess...

  4. Andy, I'm with you as far as Lowes is concerned. I've had a couple bad experiences there, but overall, usually good, friendly customer service. I've NEVER had anything good happen at the home de-pot. That's in several stores in several states. I decided just not to go there anymore. There's a couple small, family owned Ace type places that I try and support. Of course, they have EVERYTHING!! And then, there's Harbor Freight. I'm not supposed to go there anymore.

  5. Paul, when I read, "I'm not supposed to go there anymore," I nearly choked on my drank!

    The Mrs. did the same thing. I EVER know what you're saying. They've got the cheapest prices on the most worthless crappy junk that you NEVER KNEW YOU NEEDED UNTIL YOU WENT IN THERE! I used to order by mail, but they opened up a place in Shreveport about 10 or so years ago.

    I finally kicked the habit.

    But, it was tough...

  6. Hello Andy, we are related by marriage. I am working on the genealogy of the William Washington Farque descendants. I have most of the information I need, however, I have been unable to locate the graves of Laura Leonia Farque Newland and Ross Gilmore Newland. I know that Laura's sister, Mary Minerva Farque Newland, is buried in Greenwood Cemetery. If you have the information I am looking for would you mind sharing it with me? I can be reached at and my name is Karen Kelton.

    1. Hi Karen, I sent you an e-mail (actually, two e-mails). If you don't see it, look in your spam folder. Glad to meet you!


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